Legion Go: Images of Lenovo’s Steam Deck Competitor Leaked

lenovo legion go gaming console

Lenovo has been silently working on a gaming handheld called the Legion Go, which will compete with the likes of Asus ROG Ally as well as the highly successful Steam Deck. Let’s check out the newest leaks on this rumored gaming handheld, including a first look at the device, thanks to exclusive images from WindowsReport. We will also talk about some rumored specifications of the Lenovo Legion Go.

Leaked Photos of Lenovo Legion Go Surface Online

According to WindowsReport, these are the first official photos of the Lenovo Legion Go. The device looks quite sleek here, with Lenovo’s Legion branding at the back placed on the kickstand. This new gaming handheld is expected to sport AMD hardware (CPU & GPU) under the hood. The specs will be similar to many other powerful gaming handheld consoles available in the market.

  • leaked image of lenovo legion go's front side
  • Legion Go: Images of Lenovo’s Steam Deck Competitor Leaked
  • leaked image of lenovo legion go backside

The performance numbers of this handheld should exceed entry-level gaming laptops at the very least. We will know its capabilities once the internal specs are known. While we don’t have any details from Lenovo yet, like the announcement date, it’s still exciting to see these leaked photos of the Lenovo Legion Go.

These photos reveal some parts of the story related to the Legion Go gaming handheld. The market for handheld consoles has been getting more and more popular because they offer the advantage of being able to play AAA games on the go. Below, we’ve discussed what kind of features to expect in Lenovo’s Legion Go.

Lenovo Legion Go: Specs & Features

The Lenovo Legion Go is rumored to have an 8-inch display which is quite massive. If the display is of this size, it would make Lenovo’s handheld more immersive than others. The screen-to-body ratio also seems to be much lower than the Steam Deck & ROG Ally gaming handhelds, which is awesome to see from Lenovo. A touchscreen is also expected on the display.

According to leaks, Legion Go is expected to run Windows 11. This means that it will be just like any laptop or PC with a fully-fledged operating system that comes with limitless capabilities. This comes with its cons since it is not a particularly optimized experience. Still, Microsoft is also known to be working on better support for handheld form-factor PCs.

Talking about the design and form factor, the Legion Go seems to be inspired by the Nintendo Switch’s design. The handheld controllers can seemingly detach and reattach easily, just like the Switch’s Joycons.

They seem to have taken a page from Valve’s Steam Deck as well, by implementing a touchpad on the right side of the controller. The leaked images also show two USB-C ports, a headphone jack, and a microSD storage expansion slot.

Note that Lenovo has not confirmed when this device is coming out. These are speculated features, but they have a high chance of being present on the final device. Still, do you think the Lenovo Legion Go will be better than what’s available in the current gaming handheld market? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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