Where to Get Blast Powder in LEGO Fortnite

In Short
  • Blast powder is a component that you use to create dynamite and other items.
  • You cannot create blast powder out of materials, instead, you can gather it by killing mobs such as skeleton blasters or rogue brawlers.
  • Additionally, you can also explore caves and go on expeditions to gather it.

Like other games, LEGO Fortnite comes with its fair share of explosive action. One such component used to make things go boom is blast powder. However, finding and obtaining this pesky ingredient can be hard unless you know where to look. Don’t worry, as we are watching out for you. So, without further ado, let’s learn where to get blast powder in LEGO Fortnite.

How Can You Find Blast Powder

In LEGO Fortnite, you can obtain Blast Powder in limited ways. Since you cannot craft the blast powder yourself, you are forced to go out venturing through the entire day and night cycle of LEGO Fortnite. Blast Power is primarily a drop from certain mobs and is found in chests. Here are all the ways where you can get this item:

  • Killing Pirate Mobs and Skeletons
  • Enemies with explosive weapons
  • Expeditions
  • Caves

The easiest method to gather blast powder is from enemies like pirate mobs and other enemies using dynamite. To begin with, wait for nightfall and venture out into different Shore, Desert, and Grasslands biomes.

In our case, we fought with skeleton blasters. These enemies use dynamite to fight the players. Killing them gave us blast powder right away. However, not every one of them will drop this item, and some will drop dynamite straight away.

Kill enemies to gather Blast Powder in Fortnite

Another group of enemies you can get blast powder from is the Rogue Brawlers. They sometimes drop blast powder upon being slain. You can find them at the glowing structures with chests. These houses are scattered across the map, and they are easy to spot from a distance.

To defeat the enemies, bring along a recurve bow with you and aim at their heads. A few well-placed shots will kill them, giving you the item.

Alternatively, another easy way to get blast powder is to visit caves in LEGO Fortnite and search the chests present inside. However, do note this will take some time as loot is randomized here. Hence, we suggest sticking to the above method and going to the desert area at night to find these mobs and gather blast powder.

What Do You Use Blast Powder For

Create boom barrel using blast powder in Lego Fortnite

As we mentioned above, the blast powder in LEGO Fortnite is used to craft explosive items. This can be dynamite or boom barrel found under the toys section. Furthermore, you use blast powder to create the grappler in late-game. As you can tell, the blast powder has substantial usage, especially during the late-game portions of LEGO Fortnite.

And that is how you get yourself some blast powder. We hope this guide helped you track down the item quickly and allowed you to create some explosives. Still can’t find it? Drop your questions down in the comments below!

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