15 Legal and Free Music Download Websites

15 Legal and Free Music Download Websites

There are hundreds of different ways of downloading almost anything from the internet, however, not every way is a legal way. The same goes for music downloads because there are thousands of sites offering free mp3 music downloads but none of them seems to have the rights or licenses for the songs they’re offering for downloads. If you are the kind of person who really doesn’t want to break the rules or download any illegal songs for personal or professional purposes, we have got you dished out with a long list of the 15 legal and free music download websites.

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Best Legal Sites to Download Free Music (2020)

Whether you are an aspiring creator, a social media junky, or a pro on the lookout for a reliable platform to get royalty-free music, these websites can cater to your needs with ease. Keeping in mind various requirements, we have chosen different sites so that you can find the platform that can live up to your “free music downloads legally” purpose.

And yes, we have also taken into account the penchant of those who are fond of specific music like hip-hop and country. So, it doesn’t matter what suits the standard of your clip or for that matter requirement, discovering a go-to platform for free music downloads shouldn’t be a big ask. With that in mind, let’s explore the top legal and free music download websites!

1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is free and offers the largest collection of songs to listen to online for free. It’s an online music streaming community where users can upload songs and even popular artists share their own songs as well. You can stream as many songs as you want but in addition to streaming, SoundCloud also lets you download songs for free.


Just click on the download button to download your favorite song on your device and listen to it at will even offline. One thing worth keeping in mind is that not all the songs can be downloaded.

If the uploader has allowed downloads for their songs only then you will see a download button right below the song. So, don’t be surprised if there is no download option below a song.


  • The largest collection of songs
  • A huge community of music lovers
  • Option to download music
  • Personalized experience


  • Lacks an intuitive interface
  • The freemium version is quite limited

Visit: Soundcloud website (Offers apps for Android, iOS, and Windows)

2. Jamendo

If you want to browse through a large collection of indie songs or cover songs performed by aspiring singers then Jamendo is the perfect place for you. You can stream or download as many songs as you want from Jamendo and there’s no catch.

2. Jamendo

You can discover upcoming talent in the music world via Jamendo and support them by listening/downloading their songs. Many top-class singers have uploaded their work on this royalty-free music site and you can easily download any songs that you want with just a click.

As of January 2020, Jamendo had more than 600,000 songs available for download making it one of the largest music libraries in the world. Also, It is available in 6 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Polish.


  • A huge collection of indie songs
  • Over 600,000 songs
  • Offers royalty-free music
  • Clean interface


  • Doesn’t offer much customization

Visit: Jamendo website (Offers apps for Android, iOS, and Windows )

3. Free Amazon Music Store

Amazon is the biggest online retailer offering a wide variety of products on the web. Amazon has also started offering digital products such as games and even songs. You can buy your MP3 songs directly from Amazon Music Store but you don’t have to pay for the songs if you don’t want to.


It also offers free songs for download directly from their website or their mobile apps. Moreover, it consists of more than 46,000 free songs available at the time of writing this article which makes it one of the largest legal free music repositories on the internet.

You won’t be able to find the latest songs though but there are still great songs available for free, all you have to do is search for your favorite tune. One of the best thing about Amazon Music Store is that they have categorized their songs in various genres such as Alternative Rock, Blues, Broadway & Vocalists, Children’s Music, Classical, Country, Dance & Electronic, Folk, Hard Rock & Metal, International, New Age, Pop, R&B, Miscellaneous, etc.

Overall, Amazon Music is one of the best sites for free music downloads legally.


  • An ever-growing library of music
  • Offers songs from several genres including Alternative Rock, Blues, Broadway & Vocalists
  • Easy to download songs
  • Clutter-free interface


  • User-interface lacks intuitiveness

Visit: Free Amazon Music Store (Offers apps for Android and iOS )

4. PureVolume

PureVolume is a community of music lovers. Artists can signup and upload their music on the site and listeners can help the artists by downloading or listening to their songs and upvoting them. Each artist has their own profile with their basic details, music, and photos.


It’s up to the artist to allow downloads or not, if the artist has allowed downloads then you can download their songs. Most of the artists on PureVolume have downloads enabled so you can enjoy great music for free.

Some artists have only enabled online streaming for songs which means you can stream as many of their songs as you want for free but you can’t download them on your device for offline usage. You can get free covers and remixes for the most popular songs as well.


  • A fairly good library of music
  • Provides a variety of music
  • Online streaming for songs


  • Not all songs are available for free downloads

Visit: PureVolume website

5. NoiseTrade

Thousands of amazing songs performed by great artists from around the world are available for free on NoiseTrade. NoiseTrade is a social network for music lovers and book enthusiasts. It lets artists upload their songs for free and fans can download the songs without having to pay a single dime.


If you like a certain song then you also have the ability to tip the artist a few bucks for their great work. NoiseTrade connects the artists with their fans to build a large audience for the upcoming talent. Just create a free fan account and you can start downloading any song you want with just a single click.


  • A great social network for music lovers
  • Option to explore a variety of music genres including classic, country, and metal
  • Easy way to download songs


  • The music library lacks variety

Visit: NoiseTrade website

6. Google Play Store

When it comes to offering a ton of cool music for free, the Google Play Store is second to none. Yeah, you heard it right! Google’s offering not only boasts the biggest library of mobile apps but also posses an ever-growing collection of free music that you can use in your fun-loving videos.

6. Google Play Store

So, the next time you want free music, look no further than this one. You will find an extensive collection of free music that you can stream, download, and even use in your projects.


  • The impressive collection of music
  • The library has got music from many genres
  • High-quality


  • Lacks trendy collection

Visit: Google Play Store

7. Free Music Archive

The UI of Free Music Archive (a.k.a FMA) is a bit cluttered but the site offers a vast collection of songs that you can download for free. FMA is not just any other music library where anyone can upload songs, instead of different music enthusiasts, labels, radio stations, curate the amazing playlists for everyone.

7. Free Music Archive

These songs can be downloaded for free without even having to register on the site at all. FMA offers access to free music similar to radio stations. You can also contribute to the site by curating your own playlists with your personal music or from other music that you own the rights to.


  • Option to curate playlists
  • Option to download music without needing to register
  • A variety of music


Not all music is of high-quality

Visit: Free Music Archive website ( offers apps for iOS and Android)

8. Internet Archive

Internet Archive is the biggest archive that includes almost everything for free. From software to music, you get to download anything and everything for free on your device. The audio section on Archive doesn’t only bring you free music instead it offers a lot of other audio files as well which include, audiobooks, podcasts, live music, etc.

8. Internet Archive

You can download amazing music and songs but you will have to search for it. The categorization is not as smooth as one would expect but you can still find some great songs if you really look for it hard enough. Create amazing mixtapes by downloading free live music or best tunes from radio channels. In a nutshell, Internet Archive is a reliable site for free music downloads legally.


  • The music library has got both numbers and quality
  • Huge collection of audio files
  • Provides live music


  • Mixtapes could be better
  • Categorization needs improvement

Visit: Internet Archive website 

9. SoundClick

Although not as large as other music libraries, SoundClick still delivers a decent number of free songs to quench your thirst for music. Free music mostly depends on the artists. There are thousands of established artists who are selling their songs on SoundClick, however, most of them are also giving away their songs for free.

9. SoundClick

You can even buy the rights to the songs if you want but the free song should serve you well should you choose to only download free songs from the service. Most of the amazing songs are available as a free download.


  • A solid collection of free songs
  • The hassle-free way to download songs
  • Neat categorization


  • Doesn’t have an impressive hip-hop collection

Visit: SoundClick 

10. Last.fm

Last.fm is actually an internet radio service that brings you amazing tracks as if you were listening to a local radio station. The service also offers free MP3 song downloads for its users. The free mp3 song collection, however, is not as vast as you would expect from service this big but you can still find some hidden gems among these free tracks.

10 last.fm

Notably, you don’t need an account on the website to download free mp3 songs, just click the download button and it should download without the need to register.


  • A reasonable collection of free mp3 songs
  • Tracks are of high-quality
  • Pretty good categorization


  • Rock and country tracks seem to below par

Visit: Last.fm website 

11. Vimeo

We know Vimeo is a video streaming website but that doesn’t mean you can’t download amazing mp3 songs from the service. Vimeo has a music store where users sell mp3 songs for a price, however, you can search for songs with “Creative Commons” tag in the advanced search to find free songs and music.


All these free songs can be downloaded with a single click to your device but you will have to sign-up on the site first before downloading the free songs.


  • A great site to explore videos and music
  • Straightforward downloading option
  • The website runs smoothly


  • Doesn’t have a large collection of music

Visit: Vimeo website (offers app for iOS and Android)

12. YouTube

We all know YouTube is the biggest site on the web when it comes to video streaming. However, not many users know that it’s also quite good in terms of offering free legal music. Though you can not download all the songs on YouTube because that would be illegal, you can search for songs with the “Creative Commons” filter and then download those songs to your device.


Besides, you can also head into the creator studio -> Audio Library to download a lot of cool music for free. These songs are free to use and there are no restrictions on downloading them.

Apart from that, certain artists create mashups and cover of famous songs on YouTube, and in the description, they leave free download links. You can download these songs too, and it will be completely legal.


  • A reliable source for free legal music
  • High-quality music
  • The audio library offers a variety of music


  • The free music collection isn’t huge

Visit: YouTube (offers apps for iOS and Android)

13. ReverbNation

Whether you are an aspiring musician or just want to download interesting songs created by millions of artists for free, ReverbNation is the right platform for you. One of the biggest highlights of this website is a massive catalog of music created by artists from around the world.


So, you will always have plenty of cool music to explore and download the ones that seem pleasing to your taste. As of now, the site boasts well over 3.5 million artists from 100 countries, which speaks volumes of its popularity. As for the variety, ReverbNation has got you fully covered with several genres including folk, pop, comedy, funk, hip hop, folk, and more.


  • Massive catalog of music
  • Over 3.5 million artists from 100 countries
  • A wide variety of music genres to explore


  • Hip-hop collection is not great

Visit: ReverbNation website  

14. Audiomack

Last but not least, Audiomack has got all the bases covered to be your one-stop platform for legal and free music download websites. For starters, the website has got one of the largest collections of music from different genres. However, its library of hip-hop, rap, and the trap are top-notch both in terms of quality and quantity.


From popular tracks from famous artists like Kodak Black or the trending tracks from emerging artists, Audiomack has got you fully covered. Many artists allow users to download songs for free. Therefore, getting nice hip-hop or rap for free shouldn’t be a big deal. Notably, Audiomack also offers an option to stream mixtapes.


  • One of the biggest collections of hip-hop, rap, and the trap
  • Allows you to stream music
  • Offers music from both popular and emerging artists


  • Some music from the emerging artist may be below par
  • Not all music is available for download

Visit: Audiomack website (offers an app for iOS and Android)

15. DatPiff

If you are fond of rap, DatPiff is what you should pick to download a ton of great legal music for free. It boasts an ever-growing hip-hop community dedicated to creating top-notch music. Notably, most of the music found on this website comes in the form of mixtapes which can prove to be amazing for adding some x-factor to your creativity.


While some are the original creations by artists, some showcases rappers freestyling over fascinating instruments. Not to mention, some songs are specifically designed to win fans. So, you will always have both a large collection of free music to download on your device.


  • A great platform for rap lovers
  • Backed by a great hip-hop community
  • Excellent mixtapes


  • Website looks outdated

Visit: DatPiff website

Frequently Asked Questions

How to download free music?

Downloading free music from a website that offers free legal music is pretty simple. All you need to do is head over to the song you wish to get and then look for the download button. After that, hit the download button.

How to convert a video to an mp3 song file?

There are several online sites (like onlineconverter.com) that can let you convert any video to mp3. Simply upload the video -> hit the convert button and then choose the quality. Besides, there are also several desktop tools and mobile apps that allow users to convert videos to mp3.

Where to download music?

As mentioned in this roundup, there are several trusted sites like SoundCloud and Jamendo that let you download music for free.

How to get Apple Music for free?

When you sign up for Apple Music, you get a three-month free trial. You can make the most of the free trial to enjoy streaming Apple’s popular music streaming service.

Top Websites to Download Songs for Free

That’s pretty much it! So, there are the best sites for downloading legal songs for free. With a ton of interesting songs to explore and choose from, I hope your creativity will finally have the right music. If you have any other favorite sites for downloading legal free music then don’t forget to share them with us in the comment below. Also, if you liked this article, then check out our article on websites that offer royalty-free images.


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