jiopos lite - earn money by jio recharges

JioPOS Lite App Rewards You with Money for Recharging Other Jio Numbers

jiopos lite - earn money by jio recharges

Almost every citizen in India has been cooped up in their homes for the past couple of weeks due to the COVID-19 lockdown. While essential goods are still on sale, there’s a possibility that a ton of users may not be able to get their phones recharged or topped up. Many in India still lack access to the Internet or don’t know how to top-up their prepaid balance online. They rely solely on offline vendors for recharges.

Well, Reliance Jio has come up with a neat solution for this problem. It has launched a community-focused recharge app called JioPOS Lite in India. This app enables any Jio user to become a Jio Partner and perform prepaid recharges for other Jio users to earn a small commission on every transaction.

This service will not only help Jio users get their numbers recharged but also enable a few individuals to earn money during the lockdown period. So, if you are planning to install the JioPOS Lite app, here’s all you need to know before you start punching out recharges:

How Much Commission Do You Earn on Recharges?

The JioPOS Lite app will offer a 4.16% commission to Jio Partners for every Jio number that you recharge. For example, if you complete a Rs. 399 Jio recharge for someone then you will earn Rs. 17 on it.

The commission will be added to the wallet inside the app and can be used towards successive recharges. JioPOS Lite also has a ‘passbook’ feature to help keep track of your earnings for the past 20 days. You can access recent transaction records right here.

JioPOS Lite App Rewards You with Money for Recharging Other Jio Numbers

How to Start Making Money on Jio Recharges

If you’re currently under lockdown and are looking for a means to make money, then follow the steps below to get started with JioPOS Lite and earn commission by helping other Jio users with their recharges:

Step 1: Head to this link on an Android phone and download the JioPOS Lite app. The iOS version of this app is not available at the moment.

Jio - JioPOS Lite Google play

Step 2: Now, open the app and dole out the necessary permission to get it working. You will then have to sign up with your Jio phone number (OTP verification required) and email address.

jiopos lite new

Note: You only need a Jio phone number and e-mail address to initiate verification. No physical paperwork is required to become a Jio Partner.

Step 3: Once verified, you can sign in with your phone number. The JioPOS Lite app will then ask you to create a secret mPIN, which you will need to enter every time you complete a recharge.

JioPOS Lite App Rewards You with Money for Recharging Other Jio Numbers

Step 4: Once you are in, tap on the ‘Load Money’ button under the ‘My Account’ section. You need to load a minimum of Rs 1,000 to get started with helping others with their Jio recharges.

jio recharge - jiopos lite

Step 5: You can tap the ‘Recharge’ button, enter the required phone number and choose the recharge plan. Your commission will be reflected under the ‘My Earnings’ section.

Airtel and Vodafone Launch Similar Offerings

Apart from Reliance Jio, its competitors Airtel and Vodafone have also stepped up to the occasion and launched similar commission-based recharge programs for its users.

Vodafone Idea has launched the #RechargeforGood program to incentivize users that help other users – be it friends, family or anyone else without Internet access – with recharges. The company is offering a cashback of up to 6% on the recharge amount as a reward. You can get started via the MyVodafone or MyIdea app right away.

Airtel, on the other hand, has launched the ‘Earn from Home’ program and lets users earn 4% cashback on the recharge amount via the MyAirtel app. Look for a banner of the same name in the app to get started with helping others and earning a few bucks for yourself in lockdown.

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