iPhone X’s DxOMark Score of 97 Shows Google’s Software Prowess

The iPhone X has been tested by DxOMark, and the results are in. The brand new flagship smartphone from the Cupertino giant has scored 97 on DxOMark. While that’s a score most companies would be extremely proud of, the iPhone X falls short of expectations, with the Google Pixel 2 having scored 98 on the same test.

But why does it matter so much? Well, the Pixel 2 has a single camera with OIS, and depends on software optimisations to capture beautiful images. The iPhone X, on the other hand has a dual rear camera, with dual OIS and uses its two lenses in combination to get the best looking shots.

iPhone X’s DxOMark Score of 97 Shows Google’s Software Prowess

What that adds up to, then, is that Google has perfected its software to an extent that not only can it do everything that a dual camera phone does, it can actually do it better than a dual camera phone can. And not just any dual camera phone, we’re talking about Apple’s anniversary edition, mind-numbingly expensive iPhone X which features dual OIS along with a better A11 Bionic chip capable of advanced AI and machine learning applications.

The Pixel 2’s achievements are even more pronounced when we take into consideration the fact that Big G hasn’t yet activated the Visual Core chip, custom built by Google for advanced HDR capabilities.

iPhone X’s DxOMark Score of 97 Shows Google’s Software Prowess

It may not sound that big a deal, after-all, the iPhone X did beat the Pixel 2 in the photo sub-score, scoring a whopping 101. But unless you’re a complete Apple fanboy, it’s not hard to see that the Pixel 2’s camera performance should be worrying some people over in Cupertino.

That said, DxOMark scores are benchmarks at the end of the day, and a lot depends on personal preference, but if history is any indication, the Pixel 2 definitely has the better camera overall. It was the case with the Pixel and the iPhone 7 Plus last year, and it’s turning out to be the case with the iPhone X and the Pixel 2 now.

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    • It’s beating it in hardware. Softwares can be changed many times. But you can’t change the hardware. You have to buy a new phone.

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