iPhone SE 3 Is Stronger than Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra; Proves Drop Test

Apple's New Budget iPhone SE 3 Beats iPhone 13, Galaxy S22 Ultra on Geekbench

After beating the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra on Geekbench earlier this month, Apple’s cheapest 5G iPhone, the iPhone SE 3, was able to beat the flagship Galaxy device in a drop test as well. A smartphone-protection solutions company recently conducted drop tests of the Galaxy S22 and the iPhone SE 3. And as per the results, the iPhone SE 3 performed better than the highest-end Galaxy S22 Ultra. Let’s take a look at the details.

iPhone SE 3 Beats Galaxy S22 Ultra in Drop Test

Allstate Protection Plans put the Galaxy S22 models to test their physical structure and protection against accidental drops. While the Galaxy S22 Ultra survived JerryRigEverything’s torturous bend test in which the OnePlus 10 Pro succumbed, Allstate’s drop tests with the Galaxy smartphones did not go well for them.

Although Samsung uses a Gorilla Glass Victus+ layer to protect the displays of its Galaxy S22 models, all of them, including the display of the Galaxy S22 Ultra shattered on the first impact of a 6-foot drop on a concrete sidewalk. Allstate highlighted that the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s curved screen design is more vulnerable to shatters and cracks upon drops than other smartphones without a curved display.

samsung galaxy s22 ultra failed drop test
Image: Allstate Protection Plans

The firm conducted the same test on the iPhone SE 3 and it performed much better in Allstate’s drop test than Samsung’s $1,199 device. The new iPhone SE comes in a compact form factor and has a much smaller footprint than the massive 6.8-inch Galaxy S22 Ultra. Plus, Apple claims that it uses the “toughest glass in a smartphone” for the front and back of the device, which actually proved true.

iPhone SE 3 Is Stronger than Samsung's Galaxy S22 Ultra, Proves Drop Test
Image: Allstate Protection Plans

The iPhone SE 3 was able to survive a 6-foot, face-down drop on a concrete sidewalk. Although the display suffered a few minor scuffs and scratches, it did not shatter like the Galaxy S22 Ultra. However, this did not go well for the phone’s glass back as it got cracks at the bottom part, though the camera was alright.

These results go on to show that the Galaxy S22 Ultra is more prone to accidental shattering than the iPhone SE 3. Nonetheless, it is always wise to protect your investment, be it a $429 smartphone or a $1000+ device, with a case and a screen protector. You can check out some case options for the iPhone SE 3 from over here, and do share your thoughts with us about the drop test in the comments below.

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