iPhone with Face ID and Under-screen Touch ID Coming in 2021: Ming-chi Kuo

iphone under display fingerprint featured

If you’ve been wondering why Apple killed off Touch ID and replaced it with the considerably slower Face ID, well, there’s some good news for you.

Famed Apple analyst, Ming-chi Kuo has released a report claiming that the Cupertino giant will bring back Touch ID to the iPhone starting in 2021.

Kuo says that a lot of the technical issues with under-display fingerprint scanners will have been solved by then, allowing Apple to provide the higher-end, premium experience that it desires to give to its customers.

Kuo also believes that Apple sees Face ID and Touch ID as complementary and might want to unify the two — this is further hinted at by the number of under-display fingerprint scanner related patents that Apple has been filing.

He mentioned that Apple will most likely use Qualcomm’s ultra-sonic under-display fingerprint scanner in its phones whenever it decides to. Kuo also added that under-display fingerprint scanners will probably be the more likely route for adding biometrics to the Apple Watch, rather than having a Face ID module fit on the watch somehow. He, however, did not make any claims about whether or not biometrics on the Apple Watch were something Apple was developing.

VIA 9to5Mac
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