iPhone 16 Early Prototypes Leaked; A Look at What to Expect!

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In Short
  • Early iPhone 16 prototypes have been leaked and hint at a design change.
  • The 2024 iPhone could copy the design of either the iPhone X or the iPhone 12.
  • There could also be the addition of a new Capture button and a slightly changed Action button, which came into being with the iPhone 15 Pro models.

It would be safe to say that the iPhone 16 is now the talk of the town and before it makes its entry next year, we are bound to come across loads of leaks and rumors. The latest one talks about the early prototypes that have been leaked, giving a us look at what the 2024 iPhone could be like.

According to a report by MacRumors, the iPhone 16 will go for a new yet familiar design as compared to the iPhone 15, based on the multiple prototypes. There could be two designs to expect; an iPhone X-like camera arrangement, which will include a vertical pill-shaped camera hump placed in a square-shaped camera island and an iPhone 12-like design that involves two camera housings arranged vertically.

iPhone 16 prototypes
Source: MacRumors

The iPhone X-like iPhone 16 prototype is seen in light yellow, while the iPhone 12-like design is painted in black and light pink. All models are also seen sporting the Action button, which came into being with the latest iPhone 15 Pro models. Except, the yellow and pink models have the one available on the current iPhone 15 Pro while the black option is seen with a relatively larger Action button. This could be capacitive, as rumored previously. It remains to be seen which version Apple will go for!

Besides this, there could be another major and interesting change; the iPhone 16 might come with a new Capture button (see below) on the right side of the phone. This could feature a force sensor but we still don’t about what this button will be responsible for. If the button does make it to the final version of the iPhone 16, it will take the spot of the mmWave cutout (which will go to the left side). There are chances this change may never happen!

iPhone 16 new capture button
iPhone 16’s rumored Capture button/Source: MacRumors

As for the front, expect to see Dynamic Island and the same display as the iPhone 15. The USB Type-C port will also be adapted by the iPhone 16 series. You can learn more about the iPhone 16 expectations for a better idea.

One thing to note is that the aforementioned images are just early prototypes and there’s nothing concrete backing them. So, it would be best to take them with a grain of salt and wait for more details to form a proper idea of what the 2024 iPhones will be like. We will keep posting information as and when we get it, so, stay tuned! Also, what are your thoughts on the possible iPhone 16 design? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

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