New Intel Arc GPU Driver Update Brings Major FPS Gains in DX11/DX12 Games

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Image Courtesy: Intel
In Short
  • Intel has just released the new Intel Arc & Iris Xe Graphics Driver update version
  • The update brings major performance improvements for Arc graphics on Core Ultra for laptops, as well as dedicated A-Series desktop GPUs
  • Older titles get big improvements. Newer titles, such as Returnal & The Last of Us Part 1, also get improvements, but in smaller increments.

A new graphics driver by Intel has just been released! The Intel driver version is The newest driver has support for Intel Arc graphics on Core Ultra processors, Arc A-Series dedicated GPUs, and Iris Xe graphics, too. However, the highlight here is that the driver brings major performance gains in Arc graphics across many games.

Speaking of improvements on the new Intel Arc graphics, the best case is in Just Cause 4 (DX11). It was released in 2018. As part of Intel’s dedication to improving Arc graphics across various APIs, Intel Arc Graphics has a staggering 268% improvement in average FPS. This was tested on an unnamed Arc A-series dedicated video card.

Now, let’s talk about the realistic performance gains that Intel Arc GPUs get in notable titles. Apex Legends, a multiplayer battle royale game, gets up to 26% more FPS on Arc on 1080p UItra settings.

Tekken 8, which is the newest fighting game on the block, is mentioned to get 15% more FPS on Arc, notably played 4K Ultra settings) We also have Returnal (DX12-based & former PS exclusive) with 8% more FPS at 1080p Epic settings.

The Last Of Us Part 1 (DX12), a title that can be quite the VRAM hog, sees an 8% improvement in the average FPS on 1080p Epic Settings. You can view the full details of all performance improvements in several games at Intel’s driver link.

Image Courtesy: Intel

Core Ultra processors for laptops were released with Intel Arc graphics very recently. Both the Arc dedicated GPUs for desktops and Arc integrated graphics for laptops get major benefits thanks to the new graphics driver update. On Intel Arc for the latest Core Ultra laptop processors, the driver page mentioned three games that get performance improvements.

Returnal and The Last Of Us Part 1 get 6% more FPS on 1080p Low and Very Low settings, respectively. Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth gets a 25% improvement in average FPS at 1080p High settings.

New graphics driver updates are quite important and will be a big focus for Intel since Core Ultra processors also have a similar architecture. With this, I expect Intel Arc graphics to mature quite steadily, and it will be exciting to see the achievements of Intel’s graphics division moving forward into 2024.

What are your thoughts on the latest Intel Arc graphics driver update? Let us know in the comments below.

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