Rumor Suggests Next-Gen Intel Arc Laptop GPU Battlemage Is Canceled

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Intel’s AI Frame Generation could work on Nvidia/AMD GPUs too, not just Arc | Image Courtesy: Intel
In Short
  • According to a rumor coming from YouTuber Moore's Law is Dead, Intel has updated its plans for upcoming Arc graphics based on Battlemage architecture.
  • The allegedly leaked Intel document states no dedicated graphics based on Battlemage are coming for laptops.
  • MLID's source also said Intel plans a Q4-24 or Q1-25 launch for Battlemage-based Arc GPUs.

Intel’s Battlemage architecture for new Arc graphics cards is expected to be released this year, as per previous leaks and the company’s roadmap. A new rumor states that Battlemage Arc’s dedicated GPU for laptops has now been canceled.

If you didn’t know, Intel has its integrated Arc graphics on Core Ultra, but it also has dedicated Arc graphics. The highest-end model currently from Intel in terms of laptop dGPUs is the Arc A770M (based on Alchemist architecture), which is (or was) expected to get a successor soon based on Battlemage architecture.

Source: Moore’s Law is Dead

The rumor comes from the YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead, who previously shared details on Intel Battlemage as well. In that earlier report from MLID, expected release dates were mentioned. The report also stated that issues in development are pointing toward an “uncertain future.”

This latest rumor includes page one of a leaked document (as shared above), which the source claims to be a “master document” that supposedly outlines Intel’s plans with Arc Battlemage GPUs.

The rumor states “Battlemage cards will only be in a FRD for desktops and workstation systems. There will be no mobile add-in video cards on the Battlemage product roadmap”

Source: Moore’s Law is Dead

Moreover, MLID stated that his sources claim that plans for a laptop Battlemage dGPUs were present before this but have been removed now. The above image, supposedly of leaked Intel docs, is mentioned to have been updated on December 11th, 2023.

With this development, there is less hope for Intel to make a high-performance dedicated graphics card for laptops. However, Intel Arc on the latest Battlemage architecture could be impressive nonetheless. I am quite excited about Team Blue’s GPU architectural innovations and root for them, given that they are a new player in the field.

The latest rumor states laptops won’t get any Battlemage dedicated GPUs | Image Courtesy: Intel

Rooting for Team Blue’s Future with Intel Arc

Battlemage could still be used on integrated Arc graphics. But with this newest rumor, it is sad to hear that we may not see new dedicated Arc graphics processors on laptops from Intel. We should hear more on Intel’s plans for new Battlemage GPUs soon, but when exactly?

The YouTuber has shared additional details apart from the aforementioned ones on Arc Battlemage laptop dGPUs being canceled.

Source: Moore’s Law is Dead

Now, the previously assumed Q2 2024 release date for Intel Arc Battlemage has been axed with this latest rumor. We could hear more on Intel Battlemage architecture for next-generation Arc graphics by late 2024 or early 2025.

I want to stay positive for the future of Intel Arc graphics, but these recent rumors are not pretty. We will keep you updated if there is more to discuss concerning Intel’s next-gen Arc GPUs!

What are your thoughts on Intel’s Arc GPUs? You have probably become comfortable with buying your video card from Nvidia or AMD. But would you buy a new dedicated GPU from Team Blue, especially if it becomes compelling against other options? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE Moore's Law is Dead
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