Intel 14th Gen Non-K CPUs Leaked; Check Details

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In Short
  • Various upcoming Intel 14th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs including i9-14900, i7-14700, i5-14500, i5-14400, and i3-14100 have leaked.
  • The leak shows slightly decreased core clocks as compared to K-Series processors.
  • The TDP of these chips is 65W. The pricing is slightly lower than K-Series offerings.

Intel 14th Gen lineup is yet to be completed. We have already seen Intel release its Raptor Lake Refresh lineup. This included i9-14900K, i5-14600K, and i7-14700K processors (along with KF variants). But, these were only K-Series Unlocked processors from Intel. If you didn’t know, Intel releases other processors, too, which are locked in nature.

These non-K processors have lower power consumption, and you cannot modify the clock speed or voltage. The leak comes via, a Spain-based online store for computer components. It was originally shared by the hardware leaker @momomo_us on X (formerly Twitter). At the time of writing, the leaked product lists are still up. However, the stock status does show ‘exhausted.’

In the new leak, we can see the box art and prices of many upcoming Intel 14th Gen desktop processors. Moreover, the clock speed of many non-K series Intel 14th Gen processors has been mentioned here.

i3 14100, i5 14500, i5 14400, i7 14700, i9 14900 non K series Intel 14th Gen locked CPU variants leaked online
Various Intel 14th Gen non-K CPUs (i9-14900, i7-14700, i5-14500, i5-14400, i3-14100) leaked online | Image Courtesy:

This retailer seems to have listed various upcoming Intel 14th Gen processors on the website. Notably, these other Intel 14th Gen CPU variants do not carry the ‘Unlocked‘ moniker as part of the product box design.

The new Intel 14th Gen Non-K CPUs should come at slightly more affordable prices than their K-Series counterparts. Apart from new CPUs like i5-14400 and i9-14900, you can also see there are F variants mentioned. These are essentially the same CPU. However, F variants do not include Intel’s integrated graphics. The prices have been listed and converted from Euros to USD.

Intel 14th Gen Non-K (Locked) CPU VariantsLeaked SpecificationsLeaked Pricing
Intel Core i9-14900Up to 5.80 GHz, 24 cores & 32 threads, 36 MB Intel Smart Cache, 65W TDP $662
Intel Core i7-14700Up to 5.40 GHz, 20 cores & 28 threads, 33 MB Intel Smart Cache, 65W TDP$452
Intel Core i5-14500Up to 5.0 GHz, 14 cores & 20 threads, 33 MB Intel Smart Cache, 65W TDP$275
Intel Core i5-14400Up to 4.70 GHz, 10 cores & 16 threads, 33 MB Intel Smart Cache, 65W TDP$275
Intel Core i3-14100Up to 4.70 GHz, 4-core processor, 33 MB Intel Smart Cache, 65W TDP$165
Leaked info is subject to change until the official product announcement

These prices could be placeholder prices as well, since Intel has not launched other 14th Gen processors for now. With unlocked K-Series processors (such as Core i9-14900K), Intel expects the user to install their own CPU cooler. This has to be purchased separately. But CPU coolers are also included in the box with certain variants of a processor lineup.

CPU Cooler Intel 14th Gen
Image Courtesy: Intel

In this case, the aforementioned Intel non-K Series processors (i9-14900, i7-14700, i5-14500, i5-14400, i3-14100) will all include the stock Intel CPU cooler in black color. You cannot use this to run the chip at high power limits, especially during extended workloads. But still, for non-K series CPU buyers, these usually do the job without major thermal throttling issues.

Are you looking forward to Intel 14th Gen non-K processors? The i3-14100 and i5-14500 could be very good for your next entry-level or mid-range PC build. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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