Instagram’s Threads App Is Here to Make Twitter, Well, Old!

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Instagram has been rivaling the likes of Snapchat and TikTok by launching their counterparts that have arguably become better and more popular than the original source. Attempting to apply the same ideology and luck again, the Meta-owned ‘social media’ app has now introduced the new Threads app, which (if done right) can make Twitter an obsolete affair. So, are you interested in ‘threading’ away? Check out all you need to know about the app.

Instagram Threads App: Details

The Threads app has made an official entry after a recent announcement by Instagram and some earlier rumors. The name is taken from the now-dead Threads app, which was Instagram’s IP mainly meant for messaging. The new app is also text-based but follows the path Twitter has set for us; to post thoughts and spark up conversations. Plus, it will be a way for people to make important announcements.

This is a standalone app, now available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store. While it can be a hassle for many, starting off can be very simple. Once downloaded, you can log in with the same username as Instagram (it’s a one-tap process if you are already logged into your Instagram account) and you can also easily import all the data like the bio, profile picture, and username.

The app is said to be soon compatible with ActivityPub, which is used by another Twitter alternative, Mastodon. The user interface matches that of Instagram with four sections; Home, Explore, Post, Notifications, and Profile. So, one thing is pretty straight; getting used to won’t be a problem. The difference is that instead of photos, videos, and Reels, you get tweet-like posts. Plus, there’s an Instagram shortcut on the Profile section to move to the app if you want some Reels, and those who are Insta-verified will find themselves with the blue tick on Threads too. I am very interested in knowing what the tweet spin-off will be called and if we will be called ‘Threaders.” If you have some suggestions, let us know in the comments below.

Every post on Threads has the like, comment, share, repost/quote options, again, very much like Twitter. You also get to see posts from people you don’t follow and I am sure the algorithms will work in a way to provide things that are relevant and a yet-to-arrive ‘On the List’ feature could do the deed! Although currently, everything on the feed is haywire and there are a number of posts from unknown people. Another annoyance (for me, at least) is that your Instagram friends will by default be followed on Threads when you log in via the app and you will have to manually cancel the requests if you don’t want this!

The refresh system for the home page is also alike. If this takes off, well, I feel we might be able to leave Twitter behind, given the mess it has become since Elon Musk took over. Especially when there’s a cap on the tweets (which can be bypassed by following this simple guide). Plus, the app has already gained 10 million installs, which is another indication that this might work for both Meta and the people.

The Threads app is also ironically trending on Twitter with some interesting reactions coming our way. Check out a few below.

It would be a little soon to comment on what this whole experience will be like. While Instagram’s experiments have mostly been hits, there’s never a sure-shot way around this. Only time will be a better judge of how things pan out for Instagram and whether or not people would be comfortable ditching Twitter! We can also expect some more new features soon. If something noteworthy pops up, we won’t be behind to update you! So, are you planning on getting onto the Threads train, and if you already have, what’s your experience like? Comment down your thoughts below!

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