Instagram Could Soon Rival Twitter With Its Own Text-Based App

Instagram set to launch its own Twitter alternative

Meta-owned Instagram is planning to challenge Twitter with a new text-based app, for which new evidence has now appeared. It appears that the launch is imminent and should happen soon. Check out the details right below.

Instagram’s New Text-based App Launching Soon?

As per Lia Haberman’s ICYMI newsletter, Meta had been secretly hosting meetings with handpicked creators to pitch its short-word app idea. The project had been codenamed ‘P2,’ ‘Project 92,’ and ‘Barcelona.’

As revealed by one of the creators, the app will be built upon the same foundation as Twitter. However, it will carry the Instagram-like design language. You will be able to sign in using your existing Instagram username and password. Your data like followers, bio, verification, and username will carry over from IG. Since Instagram is looking to make this a “decentralized app built upon IG,” users from other apps like Mastodon will be able to search and interact with your account.

In terms of engagement, you will be able to post texts of up to 500 characters, share photos, attach links, and add up to 5 minutes long videos. You can even engage in the form of likes, reposts, and replies.

Instagram's new text-based app
Instagram’s new text-based app (Source: ICYMI Newsletter)

Just like Instagram, the app will have creator control and account safety features. You will be able to easily block, report, and control replies and mentions. All of your blocked accounts on IG and hidden words will carry over to the app. All Instagram Community Guidelines will also carry over to the new app. As of now, there is no word on how this app will create monetization avenues for creators.

As per the creator, the text-based app from Instagram can launch by the end of June. At this moment, we do not have any confirmed information available. We also don’t know how the app will sit with the audience. Whether or not it will stand out among its competitors or if it will offer enough to tempt users to switch over from Twitter! These doubts should be resolved once we get more details to this. Therefore, stay tuned for more updates, and do share your thoughts on this recent revelation.

SOURCE ICYMI by Lia Haberman
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