Instagram Subscriptions Gets New Features for Creators to Earn More Money

instagram subscriptions features

At the beginning of this year, Instagram introduced Subscriptions as a test for creators to earn money. This aspect of Instagram, which competes with Twitter, is now getting new features for people to attract more audiences while opening ways for monetary benefits. Here’s what’s new.

New Instagram Subscriptions Features

Instagram’s Adam Mosseri has announced that creators will now get the option to have exclusive group chats with their subscribers. The chat can include up to 30 people and will be live for only 24 hours. This will allow creators to decide on how to interact with their subscribers.

Another feature is subscriber posts and Reels, which will be exclusive content posted for the subscribers. This will be a way to attract more new people, which will help creators to establish a good subscriber base. Then, there will be a dedicated section for exclusive content called Subscriber Home.

instagram subscriptions new features

These come in addition to the initial set of exclusive content that included Stories and Live Sessions. For those who don’t know, if you buy a subscription, you will get a purple badge and the paywalled Stories will also get a purple ring to differentiate them from the usual, free content.

Subscriptions on Instagram are to cost between $0.99/ month to $9.99/ month and until 2024 strikes, Meta-owned Facebook won’t charge any fee. Following this, a fee will be levied but it is said to be less than the 30% cut charged by Apple and Google.

Instagram, at that time, rolled out Subscriptions to 10 creators and now suggests that it can be accessed by tens of thousands of creators in the US. More creators in more regions will soon be added to Instagram’s endeavor of helping creators get more engagement and money.

To recall, Instagram recently introduced Creator Marketplace, an invite-only place for brands to collaborate with creators for partnerships. This is another way for creators to grow, which is Instagram’s known priority for this year.

So, what do you think about the new Instagram Subscriptions features? Will you go for one when widely rolled out? Let us know in the comments below.

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