Huawei Unveils NE40E-F1A Router, 600G Ultra High-Speed Optical Network Solution

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Huawei has today launched the NE40E-F1A router, which is claimed to be the industry’s first cloud-scale programmable router that supports ultra-high-density interfaces and provides a peak capacity of a staggering 2 Terabits per second. Unveiled at the fifth Ultra-Broadband Forum (UBBF 2018) in Switzerland, the NE40E-F1A router is aimed at delivering a superior performance when it comes to demanding works involving 5G, 4K, and VR services.

In addition to introducing the NE40E-F1A router, Huawei also released a 600G ultra-high-speed optical network solution which is touted to deliver the highest single-fiber capacity of an impressive 40T in its class. The new network solution is based on the company’s OptiXtreme oDSP chips which help deliver an adjustable single-wavelength rate of up to 600G.

Huawei Unveils NE40E-F1A Router, 600G Ultra High-Speed Optical Network Solution

Huawei points that the exodus of operators towards a distributed telco cloud for delivering better services related to 5G connectivity, VR, etc. has created numerous issues such as increased traffic between data centers and connection uncertainties. However, the NE40E-F1A router’s SRv6 flexible programming, modular design and plug-and-play capability overcome the aforesaid issues and eases the development of a flexible and scalable automated network for telecom operators.

“The simplified metro architecture is the future direction for telco cloud bearer innovation. Huawei provides a full range of fabric routers to build a scalable, programmable, and highly automated next-generation simplified metro network, enabling telco cloud services in multiple scenarios”, President of Huawei’s, Router & Carrier Ethernet Product Line, Jeffry Gao said in an official press statement regarding the new router which leverages Huawei’s CloudMetro network solution.

As for the company’s freshly-released 600G Ultra-High-Speed Optical Network Solution, Huawei claims that it will address the telecom operators’ ever-increasing demand for UHS transmission networks which can reduce the ‘total cost of ownership’ (TCO) and also bring down the per-bit transmission cost. The Chinese company’s new optical network solution offers a spectral efficiency of 8 bit/s/Hz, which is claimed to the best in the industry and 50% higher than the current single-wavelength 400G technology.

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