How to Use Reserve Loadout in The Finals

In Short
  • Reserve loadout is an additional set of weapons and equipment you can switch out your current loadout with during matches.
  • To edit the reserve loadout in The Finals, go to contestants -> click Edit -> click on the reserve slot items to swap them out.
  • Once you are eliminated, click on "Change Loadout" in the bottom left and switch out to your reserve loadout in The Finals.

Much like other first-person shooters, you can carry additional weapons and gadgets in reserve in The Finals. While games like Call of Duty allow you to curate multiple loadouts, The Finals does it differently and figuring that out might confuse some players. But fear not, as we’ve explained how the reserve loadout system works and how to set it. Moreover, we teach you how to use the reserve loadout mid-match in The Finals.

What Is the Reserve Loadout in The Finals

Like most FPS games, reserve loadout in The Finals is exactly what it sounds like. It is an additional set of weapons and equipment that you can switch out your current loadout with during matches. It works like the loadout system in other online shooters, however, the dev team at Embark has added its twist to the concept.

In The Finals, you prepare the reserve loadout pre-match, and you only get to select two different weapons or equipment. One of these sets of weapons and equipment becomes your active loadout during the match. Thus, the other set of weapons and equipment is your reserve loadout.

Moreover, you can change your loadout, switching to the reserve one, only when you are eliminated during a match.

How to Change and Use Reserve Weapons

Now that you know the basics of reserve loadout, let’s learn how to change and use it in-game using the step-by-step process below:

Edit Your Reserve Loadout in The Finals

We will first edit our reserve loadout in the game. This will allow us to switch to the desired weapons that we bring along for the match. If we don’t edit this, it will default to the last-used loadout.

  • On the main menu, click on the “Contestants” option on the right.
Click on the option called contestant in The Finals

On the Contestants screen, you will see the three classes on the right. Only light build stays unlocked when you start the game for the first time, and you need to play two matches to unlock both medium and heavy classes.

  • Now, select your desired class and click on edit. Alternatively, you can find the edit button right below your selected class. This will open up the Customization menu.
  • On the customization screen, the loadout on the left is your active loadout. The loadout on the right is your reserve loadout.
  • To edit the reserve loadout, click on a weapon or equipment to open a list of available options and swap out to your desired weapon/ equipment.

With that, you have successfully changed your reserve loadout in The Finals. From here, when you have to use your reserve weapons and equipment, you can do so with ease. We will learn how to do that in the next section.

Switch Weapons Using Reserve Loadout

Now that we’ve learned how to change our reserve loadout, let’s see how to use our reserve loadout in The Finals. Remember that you can only switch your loadout when you are eliminated in a game. Additionally, you can also change it right before the match begins.

  • When you die in a game, you will see the option to change loadout at the bottom-left corner of the screen. Click on this button to access your loadout.
  • Click on a weapon or equipment to swap them out with the item in your reserve loadout.

Congratulations. You have successfully swapped out and changed to your reserve loadout weapons and equipment in The Finals. The system works differently than other games. However, when you don’t have to worry about attachments, this loadout system becomes a friendly approach. So, what are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comments below.

How many loadout slots are there?

You can create 6 different loadouts for your classes in The Finals. Three of these are the default loadouts that you can edit at any time. The other three are empty slots that allow you to create a reserve loadout from scratch.

How many reserve loadout slots are available during a match?

During a match, a player has one active and one reserve slot. You can swap weapons between these two slots. The game doesn’t allow you to switch classes.

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