How to Use ChatGPT on WhatsApp (Guide)

At this point, ChatGPT has dug its way into almost every device conceivable. From using ChatGPT on Siri to having it on your Apple Watch, the AI chatbot is everywhere. With the launch of the new GPT-4 language model from OpenAI, interest has only risen. However, for many ChatGPT still remains a dream for Whatsapp users. However, that is now finally a reality, as you can use the AI bot on Whatsapp without any complicated steps. So without any further ado, let’s begin learning how to use ChatGPT on WhatsApp.

Note: The cost to operate these chatbots using OpenAI and WhatsApp APIs (via Twilio) can quickly get expensive. So, please consider purchasing a paid tier for the chatbots below to support the developers.

Best ChatGPT Bots You Can Use on WhatsApp

1. BuddyGPT

We will start with a service called BuddyGPT, a ChatGPT-based AI bot that not only lets you have text conversations but lets you generate images as well. BuddyGPT operates off OpenAI’s API to answer requests on WhatsApp. The WhatsApp chatbot uses the DaVinci model, which is practically GPT-3.

The process to set up BuddyGPT is easy. All you need to do is visit the official BuddyGPT website (linked below) to access the WhatsApp chat. BuddyGPT then begins with teaching its commands and limitations, but after that, it is all on you.

BuddyGPT jokes

However, do note that you only get 10 free messages and 3 image generations per month. You can get the Texty Plan for $6.58 per month, which gives unlimited messages and 5 images.

Try out BuddyGPT

2. WizAI

The second service we recommend is WizAI, another ChatGPT solution on WhatsApp. WizAI is also based on the GPT-3.5 LLM, and as such, is quite advanced in what it can do. WizAI can generate all forms of content, and you can talk to like a companion on WhatsApp. You don’t need to sign up or give any other details.

You can simply start talking with WizAI and using ChatGPT right within WhatsApp quickly. By default, you get 5 free messages for now (used to be 100 free messages before), so use them wisely. You need to pay $2.00 per month once you exhaust this limit.

Try out Wiz AI

3. Shmooz AI

The next bot we will be using is Shmooz AI, a website that integrates GPT-3 right into their bot, making it act like a mediator. While it does not allow people to use their API, you can easily set up Shmooz by heading to its official website using the link below.

Once done, you can now talk to Shmooz AI in WhatsApp like you would with ChatGPT, and it will respond right away. As before, do note that Shmooz is a paid service with only 5 free messages. You then need to sign up for a premium tier, which starts at $2.99 per month and gives 100 messages per month.

Try out Shmooz AI

Use ChatGPT-Based Keyboards in WhatsApp

While the above ChatGPT AI bots are amazing to talk to ChatGPT, they no doubt come with certain message limits. So if you’re the type of user who wants to use ChatGPT on WhatsApp but doesn’t want to deal with a messaging limit, we have a solution for you. These ChatGPT keyboards have AI integration built right into them and can respond back just as the bot would. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Microsoft Swiftkey

Microsoft has already pioneered the AI game with OpenAI and even the now revamped Microsoft Bing with its ChatGPT 4-powered Chat feature. However, did you know the company has even integrated its AI services into a keyboard? Microsoft Swiftkey is an AI-powered keyboard that has full access to the new Bing AI features. All the keyboard requires is a simple Microsoft account sign-in, and you are all set.

Once done, simply tap the Bing icon and you have the option to Chat with Bing. You can easily ask it to write anything and then copy it. You can even rewrite sentences with different tones of voice.

Users can choose from different tones such as professional, casual, polite, and even social posts. You can even search the Internet for websites right from your keyboard. MS Swiftkey works flawlessly across all its features and is indeed something you can try out to have ChatGPT on your WhatsApp account.

Get Microsoft Swiftkey (Free, Android and iOS)

2. Paragraph AI

Another popular ChatGPT keyboard, Paragraph AI is an all-in-one typing solution for mobile users. Naturally powered by AI, Paragraph allows users to write, reply and improve their writing easily. Paragraph AI is a multilingual AI keyboard, and hence, supports all types of language inputs.

The keyboard allows users to easily write all types of content, including essays, and emails, come up with different formats, and more. You can also input an email or a piece of text, and the ChatGPT keyboard will draft a reply or come up with corrections instantly. Like Microsoft Swiftkey, simply switch over to the keyboard and tap on the option you want to use. You will get a reply back in under a minute.

Get ParagraphAI (Free, Android and iOS)

Finally, if you are someone who finds these methods tedious, you can simply learn using ChatGPT on your iPhone or Android phone using the linked guide.

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