How to Annotate PDFs in Microsoft Edge With Ease

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With the release of the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge, the browser has been getting a lot of new features. Did you know, unlike in Google Chrome, you can use annotation features for PDFs in the new Edge?

So, if you are someone who signs documents, bills and other digital papers, you’re gonna be using this a lot. So, here’s how you can annotate PDF documents in Edge. It is as simple as quitting Google Chrome to use the new Edge.

How to Annotate PDFs in Microsoft Edge

  • Open your desired PDF file with Microsoft Edge. You can do this by right-clicking on the PDF and selecting “Microsoft Edge” from the “Open with” sub-menu.
  • When the PDF opens up in the browser, just below the address bar you can find the annotation tools.
  • Look for the Draw and Erase buttons on this bar. 
  • To draw on your document, just select the pen icon that says “Draw” and start drawing. To undo something you drew, select the eraser icon that says “Erase” and drag over the area you want to erase.

Now, I agree that the annotation tools are very limited in the browser. As of now, you cannot change the colour of the pen. The only colour that is available for the pen is blue and that makes me quite blue! Also, you cannot change the size of the pen’s tip and that means you’re stuck with only one size for the pen.

However, this will soon change as Microsoft is preparing to improve the annotation tools with an upcoming update for the browser. This update will change the pen tool by adding new colour support and the option to change the size of the tip. By the looks of it, it seems like Microsoft will be adding a new drop-down colour panel and below that will be the “Thickness” bar.

Now, this update is currently in the developer channel. Before coming to the stable version of the browser, this update will be rolled out to beta testers to test for any bugs and glitches. The build number for this update will be 82.0.439.1. Apart from improving the annotation features, Microsoft is also adding minor changes like added support for syncing Tracking Prevention exception settings and a button in the “Settings” menu to set Edge as the default browser. You can check out the entire list of changes right here.

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