How to Use PS5 Remote Play on Your PS4 Console

With the new PS5 out now, most people are probably selling off their old PS4 consoles. However, if you have a PlayStation 5 in, say the living room, and your PS4 is in your bedroom, you can play PS5 games on your PS4 as well. In fact, this even works if your PS5 is connected to a different WiFi network somewhere far away as well. So, if you’re interested in making use of your PS4 console as a PS5 emulator, here is how to use PS5 Remote Play on the PS4.

How to Use Remote Play to Play PS5 Games on PS4

Remote Play on the PlayStation works really well in my experience. However, before you can dive into a game of Destruction All Stars on your PlayStation 4, you will have to jump through just a couple of hoops. In this article, we will discuss step-by-step what you need to do in order to enable remote play on your PS5 and then connect your PS4 to it.

Enable Remote Play on PS5

The first thing we need to do, is enable remote play on the PS5 itself. Here’s how to do that.

  • On the PS5, head into Settings -> System.

ps5 settings system

  • Here, select ‘Remote Play’ and then ‘Enable Remote Play’.

enable remote play ps5

Use PS5 Remotely in Rest Mode

I would also recommend that while you’re setting things up on your PS5, you should also enable this setting. With this, you can keep your PS5 on rest mode, and still be able to remotely game using the PS4. Here’s how to do that.

  • On the PS5, head into Settings -> System

ps5 settings system

  • Go to ‘Power Saving’ and select ‘Features Available in Rest Mode’

rest mode features ps5

  • Turn on the toggle next to ‘Enable Turning on PS5 from Network’.

turn on ps5 from network

Use PS4 to Remotely Play PS5 Games

On your PlayStation 4, follow these steps. Do note that you need to sign in with the same PS5/PSN account on both the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

  • Go to the ‘PS5 Remote Play’ app.

ps5 remote play app ps4

  • Select ‘Find Your PS5’.

find your ps5

  • After a couple of seconds (or maybe a minute), you will see your PS5 show up. Simply connect to it by pressing ‘X’.
  • You will log into your PS5’s home screen and you can start using the PlayStation 5 through your PS4.

Disconnect from Remote Play

Once you’re done gaming on the PS5, you can disconnect from the remote session quite easily as well.

  • Press the PS button on your controller.
  • You will see a remote play exclusive menu with options to go to home, control center etc.
  • Here, select ‘Disconnect’ if you want to end your remote play session.

Disable Remote Play on PS5

While playing games remotely is really cool, and I find it useful when I’m at home but I want to play Destruction All Stars on the PS5 at work, if you don’t want to use this feature any longer, here is how to disable remote access.

  • On the PS5, head into Settings -> System.

ps5 settings system

  • Here, select ‘Remote Play’ and then toggle off the ‘Enable Remote Play’ setting.

enable remote play ps5

Play PS5 Games on PS4 with Remote Play

Even though I have tested this with my PS4 console sitting at home and the PS5 sitting 26kms away at work, it has still worked really well for me. I have played Destruction All Stars with Remote Play, and even random Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War matches before I downloaded it on my PS4.

So, are you interested in using PS5 remote play on your console? Let us know in the comments. Also, don’t forget to check out our coverage of other PS5 articles where we have shown how you can preset game settings and change the PS5 controller’s haptics to better enjoy the games.

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  • Ian says:

    Yes you can use the PS4 controller to play PS5 games via remote play, so it is indeed a workaround.
    Although I really like the new controller I do find it a bit too big so it makes my left hand ache pretty quickly.
    Happy gaming! 🙂

  • Pashta says:

    Can you still use the PS4 controller on PS5 games through remote play? I absolutely HATE the new PS5 Dualsense controller. It’s huge and ugly, looks like an Xbox controller. I saw that we can use PS4 controllers on the PS5, but only for PS4 games. So is the remote play a way around it?

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