How to Pin Photos and Videos to Your Instagram Profile

Instagram is finally giving you more control over your photo grid, letting you show off your favorite posts at the top. Instagram has started rolling out the option to pin posts to your profile. You can pin up to a total of three posts to the top of your profile, with the rest of the six spots reserved for your most recent posts. In this article, we have detailed the steps for how you can pin photos, videos, or Reels to your Instagram profile.

Pin Photos and Videos on Instagram (2022)

Pin Posts on Instagram Profile on Android

1. Open the Instagram app and go to your profile. Here, select the post you wish to pin to your profile and tap the vertical three dots icon at the top-right corner. From the pop-up menu that appears, tap “Pin to your profile”. Instagram will now pin the post to your profile, and everyone visiting your profile will see it first.

pin posts to your instagram profile

2. Pinned posts will have a visual pin icon at the top right corner to indicate that you have pinned them. This pin is visible to you as well as anyone who visits your profile.

instagram pin indicator

Unpin Posts from Instagram Profile on Android

To unpin a post on Instagram using the Android app, open the post and tap the vertical three dots icon once again. Then, choose “Unpin from profile”. If you remove all the pinned posts, your feed will appear in reverse chronological order as it used to be before.

unpin post from your instagram profile

Pin Photos on Instagram Profile on iPhone

1. Open the Instagram app on your iPhone and open the post you want to pin. Now, tap the horizontal three dots menu and choose “Pin to your profile”.

pin posts to profile instagram

Alternatively, you can long-press and hold on a picture to see the “Pin to Profile” option in the pop-up menu. Here’s how it works:

pin post video or reel to profile on instagram

2. Like the Android app, you will see a pin icon that denotes pinned Instagram posts.

pinned posts on instagram iphone

Unpin Posts from Instagram Profile on iPhone

To unpin a post you previously pinned on Instagram for iOS, open the pinned post and press the horizontal three dots menu. When the list of options appears, choose “Unpin from profile”.

unpin posts from profile

Alternatively, you can long-press and hold on a post to see the “Unpin from Profile” option. This is the easiest way to remove pinned photos and videos from your Instagram profile on your iPhone.

unpin post from profile

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you pin a post on Instagram?

Yes, Instagram has started rolling out the option to pin photos, videos, and Reels to your profile.

Q: How many posts can I pin on Instagram?

Instagram currently lets you pin a total of 3 posts to your profile. If you try pinning a fourth photo or video, it will replace the oldest pinned post.

Q: Can I pin photos on Instagram website?

At the time of writing this article, you can’t pin photos and videos from Instagram’s website. However, posts you pin from the mobile app will appear on top even on its web counterpart.

Highlight Your Top Instagram Posts with Pins

So that’s how you can pin your favorite Instagram photos, videos, and Reels to the top of your profile. The option to pin posts will be helpful for Instagram creators interested in highlighting certain moments or occasions on their profiles. Meanwhile, if you are someone who’s tired of seeing suggested posts in your Instagram feed, head to our guide on how to turn off suggested posts on Instagram.

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