How to Open and Customize Control Center on Apple Vision Pro

In Short
  • To access the Control Center on Vision Pro, simply look up and keep your gaze steady for a second.
  • Next, tap on the Control Center icon indicated by a switch in black and white.
  • To customize the Control Center on Vision Pro, go to Settings> Control Center, and add or remove the features as per liking.

Apple Vision Pro has introduced a new method of input – eye-tracking and it’s only natural to take some time to get accustomed to the new input method. If you have recently bought the Apple Vision Pro and are now struggling with as simple a task as finding the Control Center to quickly access features like Guest Mode, Travel Mode, or AirDrop, it’s a little tricky. Here are the easy steps to access the Control Center on Vision Pro and even customize it to your liking.

Open Control Center on Vision Pro

Note: If the Control Center indicator is not appearing for you, keep your gaze still for a second while looking up and it will appear.

  • While wearing Vision Pro, look up and you will see a downward-facing arrow. Tap your thumb and index finger together while looking at the arrow.
Vision Pro Control Center Arrow
  • Next, select the Control Center icon.
Control Center icon Vision Pro
  • This will open the Control Center on Vision Pro. By default, it shows a volume bar, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth buttons, Guest Mode, Travel Mode, View Recording, and more options. You can even customize the Control Center and add or remove features from it.
Control Center Open on Vision Pro

Customize Control Center on Vision Pro

Much like iPhone, iPad, and Mac, you can customize the Control Center on Vision Pro to set the features that you want to appear there. Here’s how.

  • Press the Digital Crown on the Vision Pro to access the home screen and then visit Settings.
  • Scroll down a bit and then choose Control Center.
  • Now, choose the feature that you want to add to Vision Pro’s Control Center by selecting the green colored + (Plus) button.
  • Similarly, you can remove the feature by selecting the red-colored – (minus) button.
Customize Control Center on Vision Pro

Change Position of Control Center Indicator on Vision Pro

As I mentioned in the beginning, accessing the Control Center on Vision Pro is a bit tricky. Sometimes the dropdown arrow might not appear at all or sometimes it might appear until you tilt your head almost awkwardly upward. Thankfully, Apple has provided an option to adjust the position of the Control Center dropdown arrow on Vision Pro.

  • Open the home screen by pressing the Digital Crown and then visit Settings.
  • Go to Control Center from the left pane and here, select the indicator position.
  • Drag the pointer to adjust how low or high the Control Center pointer appears.
Vision Pro Control Center Indicator Position
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