How to Make a Launch Pad in LEGO Fortnite

In Short
  • The Launch Pad in LEGO Fortnite helps you jump higher and travel around faster.
  • To make a launch pad, open the build menu and use 8 Flexwood, 4 Copper Bar, and 1 Silk Fabric to craft this toy.
  • If you have tools like the grapple gun or glider, flying around the LEGO Fortnite world with Launch Pad will be more fun.

Building unique structures and items like a boat in LEGO Fortnite is a great way to showcase your craftsmanship. However, there are some buildings and toys that you will need outside of showcase purposes. The Launch Pad is one such item added in LEGO Fortnite with the latest update. Learn how to make a launch pad in this guide so that you can reach the sky faster.

Resources You Need for Making Launch Pad

To craft a launch pad in LEGO Fortnite, you will need the following resources. These resources are mostly mid-game ones, so you will be fine even if you have not reached higher levels. The resources you need to craft a Launch Pad are:

  • 8 Flexwood
  • 4 Copper Bar
  • 1 Silk Fabric

You can get flexwood in the Dry Valley by chopping down the cacti. To get copper bars, you need to mine copper from the Dry Valley caves. Silk Fabrics are the easiest resource among these three as you can find silk from spiders from anywhere on the map. Build a Spin Wheel and make yourself a silk thread using the silk.

How to Craft a Launch Pad in LEGO Fortnite

Once you have gathered the resources, follow the steps mentioned below to build a Launch Pad:

  • Press the Build button (Q on PC, Circle on PS, and B on Xbox) and go to the toys section in the Builds tab.
  • Select the Launch Pad at the bottom of the list and place it anywhere on the map.

How to Use Launch Pad in LEGO Fortnite

The Launch Pad is similar to the one you use in Fortnite’s battle royale mode. However, unlike the BR mode, you do not get a glider by default. So, if you’re jumping from a high ground, the chances of your survival are limited.

Using Launch Pad in LEGO Fortnite

That is why we recommend you craft a glider to stay clear of any fall damage. Once you have the glider, walk towards the Launch Pad and jump on it to launch yourself high.

So, that is all you need to know about the new launch pad added to the game. Launch yourself high and travel around the LEGO Fortnite world faster now. If you know how to fly in the LEGO Fortnite world, your journey will be more fun with this new toy.

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