how to kick someone off netflix

How to Kick Someone Off Netflix

Most people tend to share their Netflix accounts with other users. However, if you are worried that someone else has gained access to your Netflix account nefariously, or if you’re just annoyed with people hogging your Netflix and not letting you watch anything on the streaming service, you should consider kicking them out of your Netflix account. After all, it’s frustrating when you come home to watch one of the best new TV shows on Netflix and get an error telling you that too many people are using your account. Well, here’s how to kick someone off Netflix quickly and easily.

How to Find Connected Devices and Kick Them Off on Netflix

The recent device streaming activity on Netflix shows us which devices have used the account recently. Previously, there was no option to kick out an individual device remotely. But now Netflix has updated their settings and we can kick out any device that seems suspicious with just one click. Just, follow the below steps to learn how to do that. You can read the device name to make an informed decision if you want to remove that device from your account or not. Here’s how to find a list of all connected devices on your Netflix account:

  • Log in to Netflix from a web browser. Then, hover over your profile icon at the top-right corner and move to the “Account” settings from the drop-down menu.
account settings in Netflix
  • Here, click on “Manage access and devices” under the Security & Privacy section. 
How to Kick Someone Off Netflix
  • The next page will show you a list of all the devices using your Netflix account and the respective profile, date, and time info. If you find anything suspicious, like unknown devices or IP addresses, it’s better to kick out that device using the “Sign Out” button near it.
How to Kick Someone Off Netflix
  • After clicking the Sign-Out button for a device, a confirmation message will be displayed that the respective device is now signed out. That’s it! this is how easily you can remove a device with just a single click.
How to Kick Someone Off Netflix

Remove All Devices to Kick Someone Off Netflix

Alternatively, you can also remove all the devices using your Netflix account in case you don’t know who is misusing your account. You can follow the steps we mentioned right below.

  • Sign in to Netflix using a web browser. Then, go to the “Account” settings by hovering over the profile icon at the top-right corner.
open account settings in netflix
  • Now, click the “Sign out of all devices” option available under the Security & Privacy section.
How to Kick Someone Off Netflix
  • Confirm your choice on the next page by clicking the blue “Sign Out” button.
confirm signing out of all devices

And that’s pretty much it. Netflix will now sign out your account from every device, including the one you use for this process. The next step would be to log in again and change the password as soon as possible, which brings us to our next section.

Change Password on Netflix

No matter how many times you kick someone out of our Netflix account, if they know your password they will be hopping back in again. Thus, changing passwords is necessary if other people are abusing your Netflix account. Sometimes people also save passwords on their devices for quick access, so changing the password will restrict them from logging back in. After you change the password, you can choose who to share it with and manage the number of devices you let sign in to your account. Just follow the below steps to change your Netflix account password.

  • Sign in to Netflix using a web browser. Then, move to the “Account” settings page by hovering over the profile icon.
open account settings in netflix
  • Next, click the “Change password” option available in the “Membership & Billing” section.
How to Kick Someone Off Netflix
  • On the next page, enter your current and new password, and click Save.
How to Kick Someone Off Netflix

Remember to check the box saying, “Sign out of all devices” to ensure all new devices need to enter the new credentials for your Netflix account.

If your account is compromised and someone else has changed your password, you can still get back your account using secondary methods. Please read our detailed guide on how to change Netflix passwords to know more.

How to Kick Someone off Netflix Without Changing the Password

Unfortunately no, this is not possible directly. You can try to remove them using the sign out device option which we mentioned above. But, if they know the password, they can log in again and you have to keep repeating the removing action. For this reason, we suggest you change your Netflix password and sign out of all devices. This will permanently kick them out and you can now peacefully log in back again with your new password and share with your family as per your wish.

Reasons Why You Need to Kick Someone off Your Netflix Account

You might want to kick people out of your Netflix account for several reasons. For instance, you temporarily logged in through your friend’s TV, and now he is enjoying his time with your account. Or, there might be some malicious activity going on in which your Netflix account is compromised. I have covered identifying and removing a device from your Netflix account in this guide.

Please note that Netflix recommends using an account in a single house. So, if you are using Netflix from numerous locations, it might flag your account as suspicious and put it on hold. I have shared some security measures below you should consider to safeguard your Netflix account and avoid the trouble of losing it if multiple people use it.

Security Measures to Keep Your Netflix Account Safe

You might wonder why someone would hack a Netflix account. There is no particular reason to do so, but a secondary motive is to gain email ids and passwords. People usually use the same password for multiple websites and apps since it’s easier to remember. Therefore, if a hacker gains access to your Netflix account details, he might also infiltrate your other online accounts. 

I recommend using a unique password for Netflix, which is hard to guess. Even if you share this password, your other accounts should be safe. Moreover, if you find it difficult to remember your passwords, use a password manager. It will save all your account details securely and suggest strong passwords for you as well. 

Lastly, if your Netflix account is compromised and you can’t recover it, cancel your Netflix subscription to avoid extra charges. You can stop the payments from your credit/debit card company if accessing your account is not an option. 

Kick People Hogging Your Netflix Account Easily

So that’s basically how you can kick someone off your Netflix account easily. In case someone has used your profile to stream and messed up your recommendations, you can opt to delete your Netflix history as well and fix your recommended feed. What’s more, if you’re feeling extra petty towards the unwanted streamer, you can delete their profile from your Netflix account as well. Hopefully, Netflix will someday bring a feature to kick out individual devices, but until then, you can use this guide and ensure your Netflix account is being used only by people you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Netflix have 2-factor authentication?

No, Netflix does not have 2-factor authentication when writing this article. 

Does Netflix notify you of suspicious logins?

Yes, if Netflix detects a new login from your account, it sends a notification email to your primary email address. If you find the login suspicious, change your Netflix password immediately.

Can I remove a single device from Netflix?

Yes, you can now remove a single device from Netflix. You can follow the exact steps we have mentioned above to remove any device easily.

Does Netflix log out when you change your password?

If you choose to check the box saying “Sign out of all your devices”, Netflix will log out of your account from every device. But, it won’t log you out from your current device. 

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