How to Get Coal in Palworld

In Short
  • You can find coal in Palworld in the Desert area and the Verdant Brooks plains.
  • You can only mine coal from coal deposits or coals lying around on the ground.
  • To mine the item, you need a pickaxe, some pals to protect you, and high-level armor to protect you from heat damage.

Just like in the real world, coal holds a lot of value in Palworld. This single commodity is essential in the mid-game stages, as coal helps you produce carbon fiber and refined metal for better spears and guns. However, like everything else in Palworld, you have to go out and look for this item too. So, if you’re in the market for some coal but can’t find it, we are here to help. So, without any more delay, let’s see how to get coal in Palworld.

Palworld Coal Locations: Where to Get Coal?

Unfortunately, you cannot get coal from killing or capturing a Pal in Palworld. The only method to procure coal involves tracking it down and mining it yourself. So, before you head out, ensure you have a nice pickaxe with you. Keep reading below for some more tips on how to make mining coal easier.

  • The general location of the coal in Palworld
  • The coal deposit area

To get coal, you can visit two specific points on the Palworld map. Coal lumps are primarily found in the Desert area on the map. However, before heading out, ensure you are prepared to survive the extreme temperatures in Palworld.

Once there, you will find coal deposits right in front of a Pal statue in the desert. If you’re struggling to find the location on the map, look for a white-grey area.

For those who have the fog of war, refer to the image above for the exact location. Additionally, Verdant Brook also has some coal deposits lying around. They look dark black and can be easily differentiated from iron and pure quartz. Once you’re there, simply mine the coal and procure it to upgrade your equipment.

Tips to Efficiently Collect Coal in Palworld

Coal Deposit Palworld

Naturally, you’d be inclined to head over to the place and start mining for coal immediately. But, before you travel to either of the places, you have to prepare yourself for the journey. As coal is a mid-game item, there are some restrictions in place. To make it easier, check out the below tips for a better mining experience:

  • Bring a better-quality pickaxe: While you can get a few stone pickaxes and call it a day, we would suggest not filling up your inventory with them. After all, you will need enough inventory space to bring coal back to base. So, create a better pickaxe like the Metal one once you unlock the technology.
  • Travel with powerful Pals: Areas to get coal in are mid-high level Pal area. As such, if you are unlucky, you stand a chance of losing everything. So ensure you are sufficiently leveled up and bring some powerful Pals with you. It’s preferred to bring over five element-type Pals that counter others.
  • Wear better armor: The desert area is warm, and barely any early armor protects you from the heat. Heat also makes you hungry quickly. Hence, ensure you are wearing the proper set of armor. Heat-resistant armor is a good set of clothing to wear for this region.
  • Set up a farm base: This is if you cannot revisit the desert frequently. Place a Palbox, some storage boxes, and a food farm near the coal formations.

Now, bring Pals that can mine, farm, and gather. Finally, prepare some beds for them to rest. The Pals should self-sustain themselves while collecting the coal. Later, you can fast-travel between the main base and the farm.

And that is how you collect coal in Palworld. Hopefully, with this, you also made some guns to hand over to your Tanzee. So, did you end up getting coal in Palworld? Or did you run into problems? Let us know your experience down in the comments below!

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