How to Find and Hatch a Sniffer Egg in Minecraft

Many awesome new additions have been introduced in Minecraft 1.20 update and among them is the new mob, Sniffer, who hatches from an egg, similar to turtles in Minecraft. When they are all grown-up, Sniffers are able to find the ancient seeds you can plant and eventually they will grow into beautiful new flowers that will act as amazing decoration in your world. Have we mentioned that Sniffers are absolutely adorable as well! You just want one of these as a pet…or a few. If you are interested in acquiring this mob, keep reading because we’ll show you how to find the sniffer egg and then hatch it in Minecraft. And if you would like to learn more about the sniffer mob, follow the linked guide.

Where Do You Find the Sniffer Egg in Minecraft

Warm Ocean Ruins

Sniffer egg can be found by brushing suspicious sand and suspicious gravel blocks in warm ocean ruins. Warm ocean biome commonly generates attached to other warm biomes such as deserts and badlands. The warm ocean ruins can be large with several huts or smaller in size with minimum one hut. Suspicious blocks will generate around these huts or inside them. There is only 6.7% chance that you will dig up a sniffer egg in Minecraft, so the more ocean ruins structures you find the better.

Warm ocean ruins

Breeding the Sniffers

The other way of getting the sniffer eggs is through breeding sniffers in Minecraft. You will need to find at least two sniffer eggs with the first method, though. Then, you can feed torchflower seeds to two adult sniffers for them to breed. After that, you’ll see the sniffer egg in the item form you can pick up.

How to Prepare for the Sniffer Egg Hunt

One necessary tool you need to find the sniffer egg is a brush in Minecraft. It allows you to dig up items from suspicious sand and gravel blocks by holding the right click. You can craft a brush using one copper ingot, one stick and one feather.

As we’ve mentioned, warm ocean ruins is the first location you need to start your search at and they generate underwater. Here are some useful items to bring with you on this adventure:

  • Water breathing potion: This potion will let you breath underwater for three minutes or eight minutes if you’ve extended it.
  • Night vision potion: This potion will let you see better underwater. You can learn how to brew night vision potion in Minecraft via the linked guide.
  • Shield: It can block the trident attacks from the drowned

If you’re interested in brewing potions or want to find out how to make a shield, follow the linked guides. Other items that could come in handy in finding the sniffer egg in Minecraft are:

  • Doors – placing doors underwater creates air blocks that will refill your bubble bar (Java Edition only)
  • Depth Strider boots – this Minecraft enchantment will help you move faster underwater
  • Respiration helmet – this enchantment will let you breath underwater for longer amount of time

Brush Suspicious Sand and Gravel to Find Sniffer Egg

After you have located the warm ocean ruins, you can dive in and start your search. Suspicious blocks differ just slightly from the regular variants, so it can take a little bit of trial and error to get used to their looks. Breaking the suspicious sand and gravel blocks doesn’t drop anything, so be careful while digging around.

Once you find one, hold the right click button and the brushing animation will start playing. The suspicious sand and gravel blocks do not refresh their drops, therefore, you can quickly see the item you are about to get. If the Minecraft sniffer egg is the only treasure you are after, you can make this process a little faster by moving on if you find something else. Keep on brushing until you find at least two sniffer eggs.

How to Hatch the Sniffer Egg in Minecraft

Now that you have got yourself a sniffer egg, the next step is to hatch it. For that, you can place the egg on any block and the hatching process will begin. It will take about 20 minutes for the snifflet (baby sniffer) to hatch.

However, placing the egg on top of the moss block will considerably speed up the hatching process from 20 minutes to only 10 minutes. Also, make sure that you’re nearby when the hatching process begins, because the egg won’t make any progress if the player is further than 128 blocks. The sniffer eggs can be broken with hand, but they cannot be broken if jumped on.

Once your sniflet grows into a Sniffer, it will start sniffing the surroundings in search of ancient seeds – Torchflower and Pitcher Plant. If you wish to learn how to find seeds using Sniffer, follow the linked guide.

Is there a sniffer spawn egg?

Yes, there is a sniffer spawn egg in the creative inventory.

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