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How to Eject Water from Your iPhone Using Siri Shortcuts

I don’t know about you guys, but I usually take my iPhone to the shower to listen to my favorite songs. As a result, more often than not, my iPhone 14 gets splashes of water and the water, most of the time, goes inside the speaker grills at the bottom of the device. And while there’s a built-in water eject feature in Apple Watch, it’s missing on the iPhone. So, if you’re looking for a solution to get the water out of your iPhone’s speaker grills, I found this nifty Siri shortcut that pushes the water out from the speaker using very low-frequency sound.

How to Eject Water From Your iPhone (2023)

Dubbed as “Water Eject”, this useful Siri shortcut has been a smartphone-saver for me in the past few days, and here’s how you can use it.

Note: The water eject Siri shortcut works with iOS 16 as well. So you can use it on your new iPhone 14 or any other iPhone compatible with iOS 16.

  • Tap this link using your iPhone to open up the “Water Eject” Siri shortcut.
adding the water eject siri shortcut
  • Once it opens on the Shortcuts app, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page.
  • Here you will find the button to add the shortcut.

Note: This is an untrusted shortcut and does require you to turn on “Allow Untrusted Shortcuts” from your device settings.

  • After adding the shortcut to your shortcut library, tap it to initiate water removal on your device.
  • From the drop-down options, select “Begin water ejection” and then wait for it to complete the process. It uses low-frequency sound to push water out of your iPhone.
using the siri shortcut to remove water from iPhone
  • Upon completion, the Siri shortcut turns down the volume of the device to fifty percent and delivers a completion-notification to the user.

Now, since this is a Siri shortcut, you can add it to your home screen to access it more easily. Or else, you can simply ask Siri to run ‘Water Eject’ and it will eject water from your iPhone automatically. Moreover, apart from working on all iPhone models that support Siri shortcuts, the said tool also works with iPads and iPods running the latest software.

Note: Though most modern iPhones are IP rated (IP68), and can handle being in the shower or underwater for a short period of time, we would not recommend using them as such.

Easily Eject Water Stuck in iPhone with Siri Shortcuts

So that’s how you can easily eject water from your iPhone. Having water droplets stuck in the iPhone speaker grilles can be really annoying. Moreover, they can be harmful to your iPhone as well. While it’s surprising that Apple doesn’t offer a built in feature to do this on iPhone, it’s great to have a Siri Shortcut that can solve the problem. That said, if the shortcut isn’t cutting it for you, there are a bunch of other methods to remove water from iPhone that you can try as well, such as using apps to remove water from iPhone, as well as some online tools that you can use to get rid of water inside your iPhone, so check out the linked article.


  1. Holy crap!! I had an issue with my XS, bottom speaker went wonky and grainy (distortion kinda), I imaged I blew my driver and thought “there goes $20”. I was hoping it was water or maybe dirt or a strand of dog hair, cause he sleeps on my bed. Used it once and it’s not 100% but suffice to say its at least 80% of what it used to be, I’m shocked👏🏻👏🏻

  2. Worked for me. Thank you.
    Funcionou, tentei de tudo antes disso. Mas bastou ativar o comando que carregou

  3. I believe the best app to remove water from speakers is Clear Wave. You can use it with iPhone and Android.

  4. Hi, I found an water eject application that removes water from your speaker is available in the app store
    – Clear Wave

  5. Can’t get it to work on iOS 15, with this error: “Water Eject” Can’t Be Opened. Shortcuts failed to verify this shortcut. There also isn’t a Allow Untrusted Shortcuts setting anymore, and the InstaSave shortcut installs without issue. iOS growing pains!

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