How to Delete Instagram Messages (2024 Guide)

In Short
  • You can unsend an Instagram message by long pressing on the message and then choosing the unsend option
  • Or, you can delete multiple messages at once by long-pressing a message -> More -> Delete for you.
  • Else, you can toggle on Vanish Mode for a chat and messages will automatically disappear once read.

Sent a risky little message to someone on Instagram that you already regret? Or, are just trying to write a better message? Well, you can actually delete Instagram messages rather easily. The good thing is that Instagram offers the freedom to do so across all platforms. So, whether you are on an Android or iOS device or just the web, here’s how to delete Instagram messages right away!

Can You Delete Instagram Messages from Both Sides

Sadly, Instagram doesn’t offer any option to delete messages from both sides in a chat. You can only unsend a message that you’ve sent and ask the other person to do so. Other than that, there is no option to delete Instagram messages that others have sent you. You can bulk-delete messages that you’ve sent but the feature is only available in Android, and not on iOS.

How to Unsend Messages on Instagram

Unsending a message on Instagram removes all traces of it like it was never sent in the first place. Moreover, this deletes the message from both sides of the chat. This is definitely the easiest way to delete an Instagram message.

The way to go about it is slightly different on the mobile and web versions. If you want more clarity, take a look at our dedicated guide on how to unsend a message on Instagram.

However, if it’s something as simple as a typo, you don’t have to unsend the message. Instead, you can simply edit Instagram messages. We have interlinked our dedicated guide for the same if you want to take a look.

How to Delete Multiple Instagram Messages for Yourself (Android-Only)

In addition to unsending messages, Android users can also enjoy the ability to delete multiple messages at once. However, do note that it doesn’t unsend them. Instead, the messages that you have shared with the user (both your messages and the users’) are cleared from your side of the chat. With that out of the way, here’s how to go about it:

  • Head into the Instagram chat you want to delete messages for.
  • When in the Instagram chat, long press any message that you have sent and tap on More from the popup menu.
How to Delete Instagram Messages (2024 Guide)
  • Then, select Delete for you from the list of available options.
  • That will summon the message selector. Select as many messages as you want to delete for yourself in the chat.
  • Next, hit the Delete for you button at the bottom which also shows you the number of messages you have selected.
  • Finally, in the confirmation window, select Delete for you again, and that’s it.
Deleting an Instagram message for yourself in the chat

Turn on Vanish Mode on Instagram

Instagram’s Vanish Mode feature for chats works much like Facebook’s Disappearing Messages. When enabled, Vanish Mode deletes message(s) automatically once the recipient reads the message. In addition, messages are also deleted automatically when the recipient leaves the chat.

This is a great feature if you want to add an extra layer of protection to your messages, especially since it also notifies you of screenshots. Moreover, it gets rid of the hassle of having to manually delete messages. If you’re wondering how to turn on Vanish Mode on Instagram, take a look at our dedicated guide for the same.

Delete Instagram Chats

During our testing, we found out that there is no option to delete Instagram messages that the other person has sent you from the chat. Instead, what you can do is delete the entire chat to get rid of the messages from both sides. Here is how to do it:

On Android

  • When in your Instagram Messages panel, long-press the chat that you want to delete.
  • Select Delete from the list of available options that show up.
  • In the confirmation window, tap on Delete again and that’s it.
Delete Instagram Chats

On iOS

  • When in Instagram Messages, right-swipe on a chat.
  • Then, tap on the three-dot menu that shows up.
  • Tap on Delete and in the confirmation window, hit Delete again. That should do the trick!
Instagram Delete Chats

However, note that deleting messages or chats on Instagram is a permanent action and can’t be reversed. So, before you do so, we recommend double-checking always so as not to delete the wrong message by mistake.

Now, if you have any further queries, do drop them in the comments down below!

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