How to Create a Poll on WhatsApp (2024)

In Short
  • WhatsApp Polls let you get real-time answers to your questions from your groups on the platform.
  • To use it on the mobile app, open a WhatsApp chat -> attach icon -> Polls.
  • You can also access the feature on the web version similarly.

WhatsApp’s ‘Poll’ feature has been out for quite some time now, letting you create polls on the platform to get quick answers to your questions in one go. But, there are high chances that this has slipped right under your radar. The feature is a great way to make your regular group chats interesting. Although WhatsApp Polls work with individual chats as well, they may not be as useful there. Anyway, I have crafted a proper guide for the same. So, let’s quickly take a look at how you can create a Poll on WhatsApp easily.

Create a WhatsApp Poll on Android and iOS Apps

The dedicated WhatsApp app for Android and iOS has quite a few differences on the interface level. So, to avoid any confusion, I have addressed these differences and outlined the steps for you. Hence, it won’t matter whether you’re on either platform, for these should do the trick. Take a look:

  • Open the WhatsApp app on your Android or iOS device. Then, head over to the WhatsApp Group you want to create the poll for.
  • Next, at the bottom, you will see the attach button on your WhatsApp keyboard if you’re on Android. iOS users will need to spot and tap the plus icon instead.
Attach icon placement on Android and iOS
Attach icon placement on WhatsApp for Android (L) and iOS (R)
  • Then, from the available options, select Poll.
  • You will see a Create Poll window. Here, type in your Question, and in the ‘+ add’ text box, fill in the options for the question.
Accessing the Create Poll window on WhatsApp mobile app
  • After you add your options, you can also long-press the hamburger icon adjacent to the options to change the order.
Changing the order of WhatsApp Poll options
Changing the order of WhatsApp Poll options
  • Once that’s done, simply tap on the send icon at the bottom right corner if you’re on Android. iOS users will see a Send button at the top right corner.
Send icon placement for WhatsApp Polls on Android and iOS
Send icon placement for WhatsApp Polls on Android (L) and iOS (R)


Once you send a poll, there’s no way to edit the poll. So, if you feel that you’ve made an error, simply delete the poll like you’d do with a normal WhatsApp message, and recreate another one.

Once you are done making the WhatsApp Poll live, you can tap on the View votes button at the bottom of your Poll to track it. This will allow you to see who voted for the available options. Comes in extra handy for a bigger WhatsApp Group.

View votes on a WhatsApp Poll on the mobile app

Create a WhatsApp Poll on the Web

If you’re accessing WhatsApp through a web browser or using the dedicated Desktop app for Windows and Mac instead, creating a Poll is similar to how you’d do it on the mobile app.

  • Plus icon WhatsApp Web
  • WhatsApp Poll option on web version
  • Creating a WhatsApp Poll on web version
  • View Votes on a WhatsApp Poll on web version
  • View Votes expand panel on WhatsApp Web

Open a chat or group chat in which you want to send the poll, you will see either a plus icon or an attach icon in the on-display WhatsApp keyboard. Click on it, choose Poll, and go about it like you did on the mobile app versions. That’s it.

WhatsApp Polls have quite a few underrated use cases, from turning them into interactive games for the group to maybe even figuring out your partner better. Won’t give you any further ideas and ask for trouble. Play around with the feature to know its ins and outs better.

With that being said, do let me know in the comments if you run into any issues. I’ll be more than happy to get back to you.

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