How to Counter Invisible Light Players in The Finals

In Short
  • The cloaking device, aka invisibility, is a strong ability for light class players in The Finals and the counter for it is limited.
  • Use neutral gas, pyro, explosive containers, different grenades, and mines to deal damage to invisible lights and decloak them.
  • Additionally, we recommend using recon abilities, thermal vision, and pyrotechnics as different classes to counter invisibility.

We at Beebom have been playing The Finals for some time now, and the game has felt quite unique and enjoyable. However, over the last few days, invisible light players made our joy ride a nightmare in The Finals. From that point of time, The Finals community has been asking for an invisibility nerf or counter. Do not worry as we’ve managed to find some nifty ways to counter invisible light players in The Finals. So, follow the tips and tricks below.

Common Ways to Combat Cloaked Light Players

Before we go into methods per class, make sure you know the basic tips to use against invisible light players. You can use these tips with any class, and they will help you even if you do not go deep into our class-specific guide below.

1. Area of Effect Containers

When you are playing against light players, invisible or not, they only have 150 health. So throwing neutral containers can deal heavy damage to them. The neutral containers are scattered throughout The Finals world and are solid invisibility counter.

It will be easy for you to find and utilize these gas, pyro, or explosive containers. Damage can also reveal an invisible player’s location, so these area-of-effect containers like pyro or gas will decloak the lights right away.

2. Grenades, Traps & Mines

Every class in The Finals possesses some kind of frag, pyro, or gas grenade. These grenades can work wonders once you predict the enemy’s location and throw them properly. With the low health point the lights have, you can wipe them just by throwing grenades, even if they are cloaked.

grenades to use in the finals

Apart from grenades, medium and heavy classes also include various mines and traps. These can be explosive mines (medium/ heavy), gas mines (medium), pyro mines (heavy), or glitch traps (medium).

These mines and traps can uncloak or kill cloaked light players in The Finals. So make sure that you plant the mines or regularly place traps whenever you are playing medium or heavy class.

3. Stick Together & Stay Focused

A common tip that applies to any situation in The Finals is to stick with your teammates. Remember that light class players cannot escape after killing your teammate if you are prepared to trade the kill. Just make sure you have your ears and eyes open. The lights have a faster footstep, so tracking them is not hard.

You will also notice a graphical glitch when someone enables the invisibility cloak. Although this is hard to track on higher graphics, you can lower your resolution to detect the glitchy animation the invisibility creates.

Counter Light Invisibility as Different Classes

Now that you know the common ways to counter invisible light players in The Finals, let us dive into class-specific tips that will allow you to defeat them.

1. If You’re Playing as Light

  • Thermal Vision: As a light class, you can unlock and use the thermal vision utility. This will allow you to capture all types of heat signatures. So, if you’re entering hostile territory, turn on thermal vision to see other cloaked lights hiding in corners and gun them down. You can keep this gadget in your light build in The Finals even if there are no invisible people.
  • Motion Sensor: Another cool gadget you can use as a light class is the motion sensor. Once you stick it to a wall, it will track movements around you. You will be able to see through walls using this gadget. As the motion sensor can be triggered multiple times in The Finals, it is an incredible invisibility counter.
  • Glitch Grenade: The third gadget you can use as a light to defeat cloaked light players is the glitch grenade. Once you throw it in the general direction you believe a light is hiding in, it will affect the enemies in its radius and lock their abilities or specializations. This means the clock ability will be locked for a short duration. Now, go get them!

2. If You’re Playing as Medium

  • Recon Senses: An obvious thing that comes to mind when you die to an invisible light is “I wish I saw them first.” Well, that becomes a reality when you use the recon senses perk as a medium player. It enables you to track everyone on the map through walls and even at long distances. Just make sure you do not burn the duration in one use.
  • Tracking Dart: If the recon senses help you out against invisible enemies, the tracking dart helps your full team. Just grab your tracking dart and shoot the dart at an enemy and see them running around hopelessly. Keep this in your reserve loadout just in case you encounter pesky little invisible enemies.
  • Sonar Grenade: A little less costly with almost a similar effect is the sonar grenade. It also lets you track enemies in an area for your team to see. Even with a lower working duration, it brings a great defensive counter for cloaking in The Finals.

3. If You’re Playing as Heavy

  • Flamethrower: As a heavy class, you can be one of the hardest counters for lights using the cloaking device perk. The heavy class comes with a massive health pool, so whenever any light player comes out of nowhere and fails to instantly kill you, burn them with your flamethrower. The flamethrower also places the burn effect on cloaked enemies, barring them from going invisible.
  • RPG: Speaking of barring lights from going invisible, what about getting them to respawn at once? The RPG is a must-have in your heavy build in The Finals. You can delete and counter invisible light players with a single RPG shot if positioned correctly. So, keep it in your hands when going to objectives.

That is how you deal with the annoying invisible light players in The Finals. What is your opinion on the cloak ability? Do you think it is overpowered and should be nerfed? Tell us in the comments.

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