How to Check What Google Knows About You

We are all aware of the fact that Google keeps a log of a lot of user data. The Mountain View giant has stated that it does so to enhance the overall user experience, by providing valuable suggestions to the user based on their interests and past activities. That being said, am sure at one point of time, you must have wondered what all data does Google actually keep a log of. Well, if you have the same query in your head, fret not, as we show you a simple method to find out about your personal log on Google’s servers:

Find Out What Google Knows About You

Google basically keeps a log of all the activities that are carried by your device which has been signed in with your Google ID. This includes your Android phone’s activities, as well as all the web pages viewed by your Google Chrome browser. To view a log of all these activities, simply head on to Google’s My Activity page. Your browser should show a result as below.

What Google Knows About You

As you can see, Google keeps a track of all the activities that you’ve done using your Google account. You can click on the 3-dot menu next to an activity to see a detailed result of all the activity.

Delete Logged Data from Apps

Now, you must be wondering as to how you can remove an app’s logged data. Well, luckily for you, it is quite simple to do so. Just click on the 3-dot menu next to an activity log, and click on “Delete”.

You’ll now be presented with a confirmation screen. Just click on the “Delete” option in the bottom-right.

And that’s it. You can perform the same action for all your logged activities to delete them. That being said, you’ll have to repeat the same action everytime a new activity is logged as well. If you’d like Google to stop logging all your activities, read on.

Control What All Activity Google Monitors

Now, if you’d like to stop Google from monitoring and keeping a log of all your activities, there’s a simple method for it as well. In the left sidebar, click on “Activity Controls”.

A new webpage will now open up, showing you controls for the following activities:

  • Web & App activity
  • Location history
  • Device Information
  • Voice & Audio Activity
  • YouTube Search History
  • YouTube Watch History

Now, just turn off the toggle next to the activity you wish to bar Google from monitoring.

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Control How Google Monitors Your Data

As you can see above, Google basically keeps a track of all your online activities. That being said, it is a good thing that Google is transparent about everything, and even lets you control what data you want to be monitored. Obviously, if you’re a Google Home user or rely on any other device that makes use of the Google Assistant, you’d want to keep these activity loggers on since they enhance your user experience. But if you’re someone who’s really concerned about your privacy, you’d want to turn these toggles off. Let us know whether you’d be turning off these toggles or not in the comments down below.

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