How Apple Crammed A Bigger Battery Inside the Compact iPhone X

iPhone X Bigger Battery

Since 2014, the iPhones came in two sizes, one with a 4.7-inch screen and another with a 5.5-inch screen. This year, it’s no different if you don’t take the iPhone X into consideration. The smaller iPhone 8 packs an inferior 1821 mAh battery whereas the larger iPhone 8 Plus packs a 2691 mAh battery. Now, I’d personally consider the iPhone X to be slightly larger iPhone 8 in terms of footprint, as it looks similar when you put them right next to each other. Despite this compact footprint, the iPhone X packs a 2716 mAh battery, which is bigger than what’s found on the larger iPhone 8 Plus. So, you might be wondering how Apple made this possible. Well, let me explain how.

iPhone X OLED display

Apple’s latest and greatest smartphone so far, the iPhone X has undergone a major redesign since 2007. Yes, I’m talking about its bezel-less looks which most people are drooling over. Due to this design approach, the company had to sacrifice something that every previous iPhone used to have, which is the home button. Apart from this, it’s also the first iPhone to boast a gorgeous OLED display. Now, as you all might probably know, OLED panels are considerably thinner than LCDs, because it requires no backlighting.

iPhone X Battery iFixit
Credits: iFixit

Thanks to these two changes and also the extra space that Apple got by ditching the headphone jack, the Cupertino-based company was able to cram a bigger battery at the bottom portion of the phone. As revealed by the teardown video, it was made possible by including two batteries inside the phone, which is a first for any smartphone. Remember the early iPhone X rumors which suggested that Apple would be opting for an “L-shaped battery unit” manufactured by LG? Well, it looks like the company came close by using multiple batteries rather than a single unit.

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