How to Add a Logo or Image in Live Stream on OBS

OBS, or Open Broadcaster Software, is the ultimate tool for any streamer or content creator. The best thing about OBS is that you can add several different scenes, sources, images, or logos in simple steps. Adding any media source such as images, logos, or animated images can make your live stream look better for the viewers. There are multiple types of images you can add to your live stream in OBS. In this guide, we will explain the detailed steps to add images or logos to OBS Studio.

Logo or Image Types Supported in OBS

OBS supports almost every file type, including .bmp, .tga, .png, .jpeg, .jpg, and .gif, when it comes to media files like logos or images. There are specific types of images that you can add in OBS, and here they are:

  • Logo or Static Images: A logo or static image can be any idle image. Most of the time it can be a channel watermark or a brand logo. You can also use no background PNG files to create overlays.
  • Animated Image Overlays: You can also add animated image files or GIFs in OBS. This adds an extra layer to your live stream or content. Animated image files can take up more CPU resources, though.
  • Image Slideshows: In OBS, you can also add image slideshows. It helps you showcase multiple images without changing or adding any extra sources.

How to Add Logo or Image in OBS Live Stream

Before we jump into the steps on how to add different images or logos in OBS, make sure the software is updated. You can follow our OBS update guide here. Now, let us jump right into the methods.

1. Add Static and Animated Image

  1. First, click on the plus button on the bottom left corner in OBS. This will add a new scene in OBS.
OBS Adding New Scene
  1. Now, click on the plus icon under the “Sources” tab.
  2. From the menu that opens, select the Image source.
Add image or logo source in OBS
  1. On the prompt screen, rename the source as you desire and click OK.
OBS image source add prompt
  1. This will open the properties for the image source.
  2. Here, click on “Browse” to select the image or logo you want to add to your live stream in OBS.
Browse for image to add in OBS
  1. Then, select the file and click open. It will be added in the image source properties window.
Select image or logo for OBS
  1. Finally, you will see the image you selected on your OBS preview screen. You can resize it or drag it around.
OBS screen after adding new image or logo
  1. You can also add animated images via this method. When you are on file selection step, select an animated image file (.GIF) and click open.
Adding animated gif in OBS
  1. This will add an animated image to your live stream in OBS.
Animated gif in OBS Studio

2. Add Image Through Drag & Drop

If you’re rushing to update the looks of your live stream or don’t want to go through the hassles of adding a new source and more, then you can use the drag-and-drop method. This even works when you are live on Twitch or YouTube. Here’s how it works:

  1. Open OBS Studio on your PC.
  2. Then, go to the image file you want to add to your live stream.
  3. Now, drag the picture inside the preview or source section in OBS studio.
  4. This will add the image or logo to OBS.
drag and drop image in OBS

3. Add Image Slideshow in OBS

OBS also allows you to add and display multiple images at the same time, playing them on a loop. You can add a slideshow source to showcase multiple brand logos or adverts through multiple images. To add an image slideshow, follow the steps below:

  1. First, click the plus button under the “Sources” menu in the bottom left corner.
Adding New Source in OBS
  1. Now, select the “Image Slide Show” option from the menu; adding a new source to the existing scene.
Add image or logo slideshow source in OBS
  1. Now, rename the source if you want and click OK. This will open image slide show properties window.
OBS image slideshow prompt
  1. Once you are here, make sure the loop option is checked.
  2. After that, click on the plus button under the properties menu to upload images.
New image slideshow add option in OBS
  1. Now, you can add files individually by selecting “Add files or “Add a directory” (folder) to OBS Studio. Press OK after choosing the image files.
OBS image slideshow file selection
  1. This will add the images you want to display on your live stream in a slideshow, and they will play on a loop in OBS.
  2. You can resize all images together or move them around by dragging them.
Image slideshow in OBS Studio

So yeah, these are all the methods you can use to add a single image, GIF, or an image slideshow to your live stream using OBS. Hope this guide proves helpful in your streaming journey.

How to add PNG in OBS?

You can add any media file in OBS, including PNG files, using the three methods we have included in our guide. Simply drag a PNG image into OBS, and it will be added as a new source right away. Then, drag and move it around to the desired position in your live stream.

What image file types are supported in OBS Studio?

OBS supports almost all image file types, including .bmp, .tga, .png, .jpeg, .jpg, and .gif.

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