Honkai Star Rail Pure Fiction Character Tier List: Best Characters

In Short
  • Best DPS Characters for HSR Pure Fiction: Argenti, Himeko, Herta, Kafka.
  • Best Support Characters for Pure Fiction: Guinafen, Ruan Mei, Asta, Welt.
  • Best Sustain Characters for Honkai Star Rail Pure Fiction: Fire Trailblazer, Fu Xuan, Luocha, March 7th.

Pure Fiction is the latest permanent game mode in Honkai Star Rail, and it has completely different game dynamics. In Pure Fiction, players have to constantly defeat respawning enemies and rack up scores to get 3-stars. This game mode clearly favors multiple-target damage, instead of high single-target damage, which has been the meta. So, the Honkai Star Rail character tier list wasn’t doing justice to the new game mode. This is why we have created this Honkai Star Rail Pure Fiction character tier list for DPS, Support, and Sustain characters separately.

Note: The characters in each section are not ranked by their order. We have created these tier lists after careful consideration of the synergy between each characters abilities and the Pure Fiction game mode mechanics. This tier list is only applicable for the Pure Fiction game mode in HSR.

HSR Pure Fiction: DPS Character Tier List

Pure Fiction DPS Character tier list

Pure Fiction has brought some of the old DPS and forgotten DPS units back to the spotlight while sending back many of the meta DPS characters in the game. The best DPS characters in Pure Fiction are the ones who can clear multiple waves of enemies quickly. Here are the best DPS characters for Pure Fiction in Honkai Star Rail.

  • Argenti: His AoE Skill and Ultimate lets him quickly power through a large number of enemies in each wave. The large number of enemies helps him quickly recharge his Energy, allowing frequent uses of his Ultimate.
  • Himeko: Her Talent-triggered Follow-up attack absolutely destroys enemies in Pure Fiction, constantly triggering when a new enemy respawns. Additionally, her Ultimate deals AoE fire damage, and her Skill does a Blast Fire damage, allowing her to continue Weakness Breaking enemies and trigger her Follow-up attack in the process.
  • Herta: Herta’s Skill and Ultimate both do AoE Ice damage, making her an easy favorite for Pure Fiction. Additionally, her Talent-triggered Follow-up attack also does AoE damage when enemy health bars hit 50% or lower. With Pure Fiction filled with weak respawning enemies, her talent continuously triggers, letting her do high damage output every turn cycle.
  • Kafka: Kafka’s Ultimate does AoE lightning damage, and her Skill does Blast lightning damage, allowing her to quickly go through enemies. Additionally, she does high DoT, finishing enemies who survived after the DPS damage cycle.

HSR Pure Fiction: Support Character Tier List

Pure Fiction is mainly focused on good AoE damage output in a short period. This is why, playing the normal support units that don’t deal damage, isn’t a good option. The best supports for Pure Fiction in HSR will either have strong AoE damage output or good team-wide buffs. Here are the best Support characters for Pure Fiction in HSR.

  • Guinafen: Guinafen does consistent blast Damage with her Skill, decreasing enemy weaknesses and applying DoTs. Her Ultimate does strong AoE damage, making her the perfect pick for Pure Fiction.
  • Ruan Mei: Ruan Mei may not have strong damage output, but she does give a good team-wide damage and speed buff with an amazing uptime. Keeping her in the team will allow your DPS to defeat enemies quickly.
  • Asta: Similar to Ruan Mei, Asta also features good team-wide Attack and Speed buffs. Additionally, her Skill also does multiple Bounce hits to random enemies and is quite effective for breaking Fire Weaknesses.

HSR Pure Fiction: Sustain Character Tier List

Sustains are still important in Pure Fiction team comps, especially for Stages 3 and 4 where enemies deal considerable damage. But you cannot have Sustains which only prioritize heals and shielding. The best Sustains in Pure Fiction will be able to do good multi-target damage alongside keeping your team alive. Here are the best Sustain characters for Pure Fiction in Honkai Star Rail:

  • Fire Trailblazer: Fire Trailblazer can sustain your team while dealing damage. His Ultimate does AoE damage and changes his next Basic Attack to an enhanced Basic attack, which does Blast Fire damage. Additionally, whenever Fire Trailblazer attacks, he gives Shields to all his allies.
  • Fu Xuan: Fu Xuan has strong damage mitigation and can keep your time easily alive in Pure Fiction. On top of that, her Ultimate deals good AoE damage, making her very useful.
  • Luocha: Luocha is one of the best Sustains for Pure Fiction as he can heal reactively, letting him deal constant damage to enemies during his turn. His Ultimate also does AoE damage, which debuffs enemies.

So, there you have it. This is our character tier list for Pure Fiction in HSR. We have made this list after carefully analyzing Pure Fiction and all character abilities. Still, the tier list is subjective, and we would love to hear your opinions on the best characters for Pure Fiction in the comment section.

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