Honkai Star Rail Pure Fiction Guide: How to Unlock and Best Characters

In Short
  • The game mode features constantly respawning enemies for a limited number of turn cycles. Defeating them will score points, and the total points earned will unlock adequate rewards.
  • The Pure Fiction game mode will reward 720 Stellar Jades, Jade Feather, the 4-Star Character Lynx, and Credits.
  • Best characters for Pure Fiction are: Argenti, Himeko, Herta, Serval, Blade, Jingliu, Dan Heng IL, Jing Yuan, and Qingque.

Honkai Star Rail 1.6 version is live, adding many new features to the game. One anticipated feature of version 1.6 is Pure Fiction, the new permanent game mode. This game mode features constantly respawning enemies for a specific number of turn cycles, and defeating them will give points. Here, we have provided the best characters and team comps for the Pure Fiction game mode in Honkai Star Rail 1.6 so that you can quickly get those rewards.

What is Pure Fiction in Honkai Star Rail?

Pure Fiction is the new permanent game mode introduced in the Honkai Star Rail 1.6 update. In this game mode, players must defeat constantly respawning enemies for a specific number of turn cycles. Defeating enemies will give points, and players will get rewards depending on the score after the given turn cycle finishes. Also, each stage will have specific conditions, and meeting them will lead to additional rewards.

Each stage of Pure Fiction will have two nodes, so players will have to assemble two teams to take on each of the stages. Furthermore, players will also get to choose the buff for each of the nodes.

Honkai Star Rail Pure Fiction Release Date

Pure Fiction Game Mode Schedule

Pure Fiction in HSR was released on January 8, 2024, in phase 1 of version 1.6. The Pure Fiction game mode will refresh every six weeks, as revealed in one of the episodes of the Developer’s Radio, and the next refresh will be on February 19, 2024.

What to Expect from Pure Fiction in Honkai Star Rail?

Pure Fiction team setup

Pure Fiction is a multi-target-focused game mode. At the moment, most of the game modes and scenarios in Honkai Star Rail are focused on defeating one or two elite enemies. This will be different in the Pure Fiction game mode, where we will get to see a large number of constantly respawning weaker enemies and maybe one or two elite enemies in the mix.

The game mode will feature 4 stages. Each stage will have two enemy nodes and each node will have its own selectable cacophony effect. Pure Fiction also has a 2-week changing buff effect, called Whimsicality.

Players will need to select the characters for both the nodes and the cacophony effects and then enter the battle. The battle for each node will have 3 waves and all three waves must be cleared within a limited number of turn cycles.

Cacophony Effects in HSR Pure Fiction

Pure Fiction Cacophony effects

Based on the current active Whimsicality, there are three Cacophony Effects in Pure Fiction mode in Honkai Star Rail. Players can choose the Cacophony effects for each enemy node, and the same effect can be selected twice. Selecting the correct effect for your team composition is vital for getting 3-stars in each stage, so choose wisely.

How to Get 3-Star in Pure Fiction

Pure Fiction Point Distribution

Each stage of Pure Fiction has two nodes and the total score achieved from both nodes will result in the rewards you achieve. Players will need 60k points as a total from both nodes to get 3 stars. Each side of the node can get a maximum of 40k points, so you can compensate one weak side with another strong team.

Pure Fiction Required Points:

  • Clearing the Stage: 30k points
  • 1-Star: 40k points
  • 2-Star: 50k points
  • 3-Star: 60k points

HSR Pure Fiction Enemy Wave Distribution

Pure Fiction enemy distribution

Each battle node of Pure Fiction will have 3 enemy waves and each wave has a different total number of enemies. Here are the total number of enemies you need to clear in each wave:

  • Wave 1: 13 Enemies
  • Wave 2: 14 Enemies
  • Wave 3: 25 Enemies

The first wave will have one Elite enemy mixed in with normal enemies, the second wave will have trotters and normal enemies, and the third wave will be similar to the first wave, but the Elite enemy will have almost twice the HP.

How to Unlock and Play Pure Fiction in HSR

Pure Fiction in Treasures Lightward tab

Pure Fiction game mode can be unlocked by finishing Youci’s Clever Decor mission from Mr. Xiyan in the Exalting Sanctum of Xianzhou Luofu. Players must complete the Xianzhou Luofu — Demise of Immortality, Finale of Calamity trailblaze mission to unlock Youci’s Clever Decor mission.

Youcis Clever Decor Mission

After completing the trailblaze mission, players will get a message from Mr. Xiyan, which will give them the lead to Youci’s Clever Decor mission. Talk to the Youci lamp outside the Spare Time Book shop to start the mission. After completing it, players can access the Pure Fiction game mode directly from the Treasures Lightward section in the Interastral Peace Guide.

Honkai Star Rail Pure Fiction Characters

Pure Fiction in HSR is perfect for characters with AoE or Blast attacks. This game mode will revive many unused characters with high AoE damage but low single-target damage. Here are some of the best characters you can use in Pure Fiction mode in Honkai Star Rail.

1. Argenti

Argenti Honkai Star Rail

Argenti is tailor-made for Pure Fiction mode. His Skill and Ultimate both do significant AoE damage, clearing hordes of enemies quickly. His Talent also increases his Crit Rate, depending on the number of enemies hit, so he is perfect for most multi-target scenarios. Furthermore, his Ultimate recharges very quickly when attacking multiple enemies, having an excellent up-time.

2. Himeko

Himeko Honkai Star Rail

Pure Fiction mode in HSR is perfect for Himeko to make a comeback. Himeko’s kit shines when fighting multiple weak enemies who are easy to Weakness Break. Himeko’s Follow-up attack can trigger when 3 enemies are weakness broken, which is perfect against constantly respawning enemies. If played correctly, Himeko will be constantly spamming her Follow-up attack, dealing insane damage, and racking up those points for your team. Her Ultimate also does good AoE damage, which is a plus.

3. Herta

Herta Honkai Star Rail

Herta also makes a comeback with the Pure Fiction game mode. Her kit is filled with AoE attacks — her Skill, Follow-up attack, and Ultimate all do AoE damage. Pairing her with Himeko can help you defeat the low-health enemies, allowing more respawns and weakness breaks.

4. Serval

Serval Honkai Star Rail

Serval is another good character for Honkai Star Rail Pure Fiction mode, especially if you plan on using DoT teams. She has a good AoE damage kit, as her attacks deal additional damage to all Shocked enemies. Her Ultimate also deals strong AoE Damage, while applying the Shocked state on all the enemies.

Other Characters

Other than the above-mentioned characters, you can also use the following ones in the Pure Fiction mode:

  • Blade
  • Jing Yuan
  • Jingliu
  • Dan Heng Inbibitor Lunae
  • Qingque

Best Pure Fiction Team Compositions in HSR

OrderMain DPSSub DPSSub DPSSustain
AlternativeBladeHimekoJing YuanFu Xuan
Best Pure Fiction Teams

The best team for Pure Fiction mode will feature Himeko and Herta. Both of them are extremely strong together for multi-target scenarios. Other than that, Argenti, Blade, and Jing Yuan are also good options. Luocha and Fu Xuan are the best Sustains for Pure Fiction as their Ultimate deal AoE damage.

Pure Fiction Rewards in Honkai Star Rail

Pure Fiction will have many rich rewards, including a free 4-star character. Here are all the free characters in Pure Fiction:

So, there you have it. Share with us your favorite characters for Pure Fiction. Also, tell us whether you like the new game more or not.

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