how to hide messenger stories from everyone

How to Hide Messenger Stories from Everyone

Stories — a trend that Snapchat started, are everywhere now. There are stories in the Facebook app, stories in Instagram, stories in WhatsApp, and stories in Messenger (albeit called “My Day”). That’s okay, for the most part, even though we don’t really need so many stories. However, Facebook has made a change to the Messenger app now, such that sharing a photo or video taken inside the Messenger app automatically selects “My Day” as one of the places to share it. You can uncheck that box every time you share a photo or video with a contact, but if you’re looking for a more permanent solution, we’ve got you covered.

Hide Messenger Stories from Everyone

While the Messenger app doesn’t directly give an option to hide your Messenger stories (or My Day) from everyone, there’s a way to do it. Simply follow the steps below, and your Messenger stories will not be visible to anyone on Facebook.

  • In Messenger, tap on your Profile icon in the top-right, and then tap on ‘Story.’

How to Hide Messenger Stories from Everyone

  • Tap on ‘Custom’ and then tap on ‘Change’

How to Hide Messenger Stories from Everyone

  • Messenger will show you your contact list. Don’t select anyone here, and tap on the back button. In the box that pops up, tap on “OK.”

How to Hide Messenger Stories from Everyone

That’s it folks, your Messenger Day is now hidden from everyone including your Facebook friends, and your contacts on Messenger.

Share Photos and Videos Without Worry

Now that your Messenger Story is hidden from all, you can keep sharing your photos and videos with your friends without worrying about unchecking the box next to “My Day” every time you’re trying to share media with a Facebook contact.


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