12 Best Ship Modules in Helldivers 2

Ship Modules are what make or break your experience in Helldivers 2. Not only does the right ship module help call down the best stratagems, but it also helps other systems run well. As any Helldiver will tell you, picking from so many ship modules can quickly get tedious. After having so much trouble deciding which one to unlock, I decided to sift through the entire list myself. With that done, here are the best ship modules you should get in Helldivers 2 to ensure you thrive on the battlefield.

1. Donation Access License

Donation Access License Helldivers 2 Ship Modules best
  • Unlock Requirement: 60 Common samples

Undoubtedly, our first recommendation here is also one of the best. Put simply, a donation access license increases the maximum number of magazines in your support weapons. This is helpful as you’ll get more machine guns or stalwart ammo. It’s perfect for early-game in Helldivers 2 when deciding which one to unlock.

2. Expanded Weapons Bay

Expanded Weapons Bay Helldivers 2 best ship modules
  • Unlock Requirement: 80 Common samples, 80 Rare samples, 80 Very Rare samples. Needs Liquid-Ventilated Cockpit and Pit Crew Hazard Pay unlocked.

Eagle stratagems are, without a doubt, some of the best ones in Helldivers 2. Besides clearing out swarms of enemies, you also get the Eagle 500kg bomb, which is devastation itself. The Expanded Weapons Bay tacks even more to that.

This handy ship module increases the usage of eagle stratagems by one per rearm, so you get more bang for your buck. So the next time you need help with that one last shootout from the sky, rely on this.

3. Liquid-Ventilated Cockpit

Liquid-Ventilated Cockpit
  • Unlock Requirement: 80 Common samples

Another solid Eagle stratagem ship module is the Liquid-Ventilated Cockpit. This reduces the cooldown time between using Eagle stratagems by 50%, which is half of their standard call time. So, if one of the Eagle Strafing runs takes 12 seconds, it will become shorter to call each before they need re-arming.

4. Targeting Software Upgrade

Targeting Software Update Helldivers 2
  • Unlock Requirement: 60 Common samples

Listen, I know the pain of calling in an orbital strike on an Automaton hoard, and the shot misses them because they moved. And now, you have to deal with angry robots ganging up on you. It’s tough. I’ve been there.

That is why you should get the Targeting Software Upgrade module. It reduces the call-in time for orbital strikes by one second. While the chances of your orbital call missing the target remain, that one-second difference will help.

5. Dynamic Tracking

Dynamic Tracking Helldivers 2 ship modules
  • Unlock Requirement: 60 Common samples, 20 Rare samples

Sentries are possibly one of the best crowd-controlling stratagems in-game. Some well-placed sentry will mow down a hoard of enemies. Sadly, the call-in time for sentries is high. So, if it is indeed destroyed, all you can do is wait.

The Dynamic Tracking ship module, on the other hand, reduces the wait time for sentries by 100 seconds, which is extremely amazing. Do make sure to pack a Gatling Sentry to actually use the stratagem though.

6. Shock Absorption Gel

Shock Absorption Gel Helldivers 2 best ship modules
  • Unlock Requirement: 80 Common samples, 40 Rare samples. Needs Dynamic Tracking unlocked

Sentries, while vital to Helldivers, can only pack so much ammo. Sadly, once you’re out, you’re out. However, This shock absorption gel module increases the ammo for sentries by 50%. As expected, your sentries will now be able to shoot for a longer amount of time without running out.

7. Zero-G Breech Loading

12 Best Ship Modules in Helldivers 2
  • Unlock Requirement: 80 Common samples, 80 Rare samples, and 10 Very Rare samples. Needs Exploding Shrapnel and More guns unlocked.

Orbital Air Strikes are another important stratagem that shape the tide of war. For example – the Precision Laser helps take out a Bile Titan, while the Gatling Barrage helps clear out a concentrated area of enemies. As such, the quicker you can access these systems, the better it is for you.

Zero-G Breech Loading helps reduce the cooldown time of Orbital air strikes by 10%. However, to unlock this, you have to unlock Exploding Shrapnel and More Guns. I suggest you unlock this whole tree, as it will make your life easier over time.

8. Synthetic Supplementation

Synthetic Supplementation
  • Unlock Requirement: 60 Common samples, 10 Rare samples

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you want to resupply yourself or your team but cannot because of that cooldown timer? Synthetic Supplementation helps with that, reducing the cooldown for resupply by 10%.

Not only that, but it also reduces the deployment time for your emplacements. As someone who has run out of ammo more times than he can count, this ship module was definitely one of the best in Helldivers 2.

9. Power Steering

Power Steering Helldivers 2 best ship modules
  • Unlock Requirement: 80 Common samples, 80 Rare samples, and 10 Very Rare samples. Needs Targeting Software Upgrade and Nuclear Radar unlocked

Nothing feels as satisfying as using your Hellpod drop to eliminate large enemies. I’ve taken out tanks, runners, Hulks, etc. However, I do wish the Hellpod’s handling was a little better.

The Power Steering module solves that problem by improving the Hellpod steering by quite a margin. It wouldn’t be a substantial upgrade, but it will feel better than the standard one.

10. Advanced Construction

Advanced Construction Helldivers 2
  • Unlock Requirement: 80 Common samples, 60 Rare samples, and 5 Very Rare samples. Needs Synthetic Supplementation unlocked.

Do you ever wish that your Sentries could withstand more bumps from enemies? Do you wish that they would stay on the battlefield longer? Advanced Construction does a wonderful job of increasing the health of your deployed Sentires by 50%.

So, now your machine gun and autocannon sentries can withstand more wear and tear before dying for good. And if you’re lucky enough, then your sentry timer should automatically reset by then.

11. Blast Absorption

The Blast Absorption ship module in Helldivers 2
  • Unlock Requirement: 150 Common samples, 150 Rare, and 20 Super Rare samples. Needs Dynamic Tracking, Shock Absorption Gel, and High-Grade Lubricant unlocked.

While your in-game sentries can take more knocks from bullets because of the modules above, what about explosions? Thankfully, one of the newest ship modules in Helldivers 2 also addresses one of the biggest problems of sentries in-game—durability.

The Blast Absorption module reduces the damage sentries take from explosions by 50%. This is extremely helpful if you are on the Automaton warfront.

12. Enhanced Combustion

Enchanced Combustion Helldivers 2 ship modules

Unlock Requirement: 200 Common samples, 150 Rare, 15 Super Rare, 25,000 Req. Slips (Needs Power Steering Module)

Sometimes, all you want to do is burn things to a crisp. For all those cases and more, the enhanced combustion ship module is here. This ship module increases the fire damage of any relevant stratagem by 25%.

This naturally means more damage with less fuel usage. This applies to Flamethrowers, Napalm Strikes, and Incendiary Mines. However, it doesn’t reduce friendly fire, so do warn your teammates.

These are the best ship modules in Helldivers 2 that I feel you should unlock. Each option serves only one purpose—making it easier to deliver managed democracy. Let us know about your favorite ship modules in the comments below.

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