Helldivers 2 Players Have Eradicated Automatons

Helldivers 2 players fighting the forces of Automatons
Image Courtesy: Arrowhead/Helldivers 2
In Short
  • As per the Helldivers 2 X account, players have managed to eradicate the forces of Automaton for good.
  • This means, as of now, the game is one faction short for players to fight.
  • This might be the calm before the storm, as Arrowhead might be preparing to introduce a new faction into the game.

Automatons are a force that have become a nuisance for Helldivers. Being a step above the Terminids, these pesky bots can be overwhelming. However, if you’re a fellow diver, then you’ll be pleased to know you don’t have to worry about them anymore. In a final push against the Terminator-like bots, Helldivers have now wiped out all the Automatons for good!

Announced in an official X post (former Twitter) of Helldivers 2, the Automatons have been completely eradicated. Or, to rephrase Raven from Tekken 5, “Automatons are dead.”

The good news comes after a brand-new major order was issued last week. In it, the Super Earth government commanded the Helldivers to relay their forces to planets Maia, Durgen, and Tibit. The orders were simple – destroy the forces of robots for good.

While tensions between Helldivers and Automatons were always high, the recent Malevelon Creek incident stoked the fire of freedom. As such, that helped Helldivers rush to destroy the socialist bots.

Automatons gone Helldivers 2

As you would expect, the entire Automaton side of the battlefield is empty on the Galactic Map. You currently cannot fight with the faction at all. As of now, the forces of Super Earth want you to refocus your might towards the Terminids again.

So, what now? After all, we are short of one faction in Helldivers 2. Well, we haven’t seen two factions from the original Helldivers in this game yet. Maybe our game master, Joel, is cooking something in his room. This is the calm before the storm, and we are getting a brand-new group of enemies.

Everything should be clear after the current major order is completed. Did you participate in eradicating the Automatons? Let us know in the comments below.

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