WhatsApp Will Soon Let You Send Images in Best Quality

Google’s New App Could Let You Move WhatsApp Chats from iOS to Android

WhatsApp Will Soon Let You Send Images in Best Quality

WhatsApp has been working on an official chat migration tool to let users transfer chats between iOS and Android devices for months now. We recently learned that WhatsApp’s chat migration feature may require you to connect a cable. However, according to a new report from 9to5Google, WhatsApp chat migration may happen wirelessly, and Google’s new app could help streamline the process.

Transfer WhatsApp Chats from iOS to Android

In a recent update to Google’s Data Restore Tool app (Free), 9to5Google has found strings that hint at a feature that could help users transfer WhatsApp chats. This would happen through an upcoming “Switch to Android” app that Google may publish soon to the iOS App Store. Notably, the device connection would take place through Wi-Fi during this migration.

From what it looks like, Google is not entirely implementing a new chat migration feature. Instead, it would simply invoke WhatsApp’s upcoming chat migration feature to let users scan a QR code and move chats to Android. You could also open WhatsApp and navigate to Settings -> Chats -> Move Chats to Android from your iPhone to transfer all messages to Android once it is available. Reputable WhatsApp tipster WABetaInfo has shared a few screenshots showing the WhatsApp chat migration flow. You can check it out right here:

Tipster Alessandro Paluzzi has also shared screenshots showing off the new Data Restore Tool app and you can check them out below. While it doesn’t highlight the parts of WhatsApp chat transfer, it reveals the existence of the upcoming Switch to Android app on Apple’s App Store and the flow for transferring apps, SMS messages, and contacts.

One interesting addition here is the ability to transfer apps. Since Apple has had a “Move to iOS” app on the Play Store for years now, it’s safe to assume that Google would not face hurdles in publishing the “Switch to Android” app on the App Store.

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