Google Announces Imagen 3, Its Latest AI Text-to-Image Generator

Imagen 3 announced and out on ImageFX
In Short
  • Imagen 3 is Google's latest AI text-to-image generation model.
  • The tool can be used via the ImageFX tool in Google's AI Test Kitchen page.
  • Developers and enterprise users will get the tool "soon" through Vertex AI.

Google’s Imagen has been around since 2022, getting an upgrade every year. After Imagen 2, this year at the Google I/O developer conference, Imagen 3 debuts. This bit of the conference was taken over by Demis Hassabis, head of Google DeepMind.

For those unaware, Imagen is Google’s very own AI model for text-to-image generation that, as it suggests, lets you create AI-generated images through textual prompts. Demis goes on to state how:

“…this is our best model yet for generating text, which has been a challenge for image generation models. In side-by-side comparisons, independent evaluators preferred Imagen 3 over other popular image generation models.” – Demis Hassabis, head of Google DeepMind

Image Courtesy: Google

Demis also gives us some reference, comparing the latest AI media generator with its predecessor, the Imagen 2. In comparison, Imagen 3 is apparently more “creative and detailed”. He also adds that,

Plus, this is our best model yet for generating text, which has been a challenge for image generation models.”

No matter how appealing a new AI image generator may be, it understandably also brings with it concerns of deep fakes. However, Google seems to have given it thought, for they have also stated how Imagen 3 will be using Google’s SynthID. This basically allows Google to apply an invisible layer of watermark to the generated media, that will allow users to tell such images apart.

Google throws around a lot of other terms like “photorealistic”, “incredibly detailed”, “fewer distracting artifacts” and a whole lot of marketing x AI mumbo jumbo. However, this time as well, we don’t get to know anything about the training data Google uses for its AI tools like the Imagen 3.

As for its availability, Imagen 3 can be used via the ImageFX tool available on Google’s AI Test Kitchen. However, before you get into testing it, you will need to sign up. To do so, head over to the ImageFX tool page and select Settings at the bottom.

Here, you will see that by default, the tool uses Imagen 2. However, for “Best Quality”, you will be able to use Imagen 3, which requires you to request access. Then, you will be required to fill up a quick Google Form and once you submit it, cross your fingers and hope to get access soonest. As for developers and enterprise customers, they will be getting access to it “soon” via Vertex AI.

What do you think about Google’s newest edition of Imagen? Drop your thoughts in the comments down below!

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