Google Delays Its GPT 4-Rival ‘Gemini AI’ to Next Year

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In Short
  • Google's next-gen Gemini AI with multimodal capabilities was announced at I/O 2023 earlier this year.
  • As per reports, Google's Gemini AI is struggling with non-English queries, thus, delaying its release to early 2024.
  • CEO Sundar Pichai has canceled launch events that were happening next week in California, New York, and Washington.

Google already has a ChatGPT alternative called Bard available for you to use today. Bard, for those unaware, is based on Google’s PaLM 2 model and has grown in capability since its unveiling earlier this year. Google aims to further supercharge its conversational AI with multimodal capabilities, so it has been working on a next-gen foundation model called Gemini, as revealed at Google I/O 2023. However, it seems like the development is not going as planned because Gemini’s release has been delayed, as per reports.

The latest report from The Information has revealed bad news for Google’s major AI project. Issues in the company’s roadmap have seemingly popped up quite often in the past few weeks. This report indicates that Gemini AI has a big problem with processing inputs in other languages that are not English. The support for multiple languages is essential to Gemini’s global success.

Google had spoken at length about the latest PaLM 2 (latest AI model) and Gemini at the I/O 2023 event. Reportedly, access to early versions of Bard with Gemini had been given for testing to certain companies that are part of their Google Cloud program. However, two weeks ago, companies were told not to expect it until Q1 2024 instead. All of this points to major delays with Google’s latest Gemini AI.

At the same time, OpenAI is moving forward at a breakneck pace and has already launched DALL-E 3 integration in ChatGPT for Plus subscribers. It even plans to release a custom GPT Store next year. Despite all the tumultuous turn of events at OpenAI recently, their roadmap and contributions to AI innovation are moving strong. The latest GPT 4 Turbo was unveiled OpenAI DevDay conference. It is not only cheaper to use but is also more featureful.

google gemini ai announced at i/o 2023 conference

After Google’s I/O 2023 devcon, it was expected that Gemini AI would be available for use by the end of 2023. The latest report indicates that Google CEO Sundar Pichai had even planned events in New York, California, and Washington. However, since Gemini is not ready yet and cannot seem to accept non-English queries consistently, these events won’t be happening.

Of course, as we mentioned above, Google’s Gemini AI will potentially launch in early 2024 instead. And it will be interesting to see if it is just as capable as OpenAI’s GPT-4.

What are your thoughts on Google’s upcoming Gemini AI? Do you think it could end up being better than GPT-4 given its expected multimodal capability? Let us know in the comments below.

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