Google’s ‘Emoji Scavenger Hunt’ Wants You to Find Real-Life Emojis

Google Emoji Scavenger Hunt website

While many older users may not care much, emojis and their various animated iterations – Animojis, AR Emojis, ZeniMojis – have reached cult status among millenials and the young-at-heart. Like ’em or hate ’em, emojis have become an integral part of our digital life, and an essential means to communicate with family and friends.

Now Google is jumping in on the emoji craze by introducing an incredibly fun and immensely addictive game called Emoji Scavenger Hunt. A part of ‘Experiments by Google’, the game is easy to play for anyone, irrespective of their age. In fact, even if you hate emojis with all your heart, the game is sure to put a smile on your face.

Emoji Scavenger Hunt is a browser-based game that’s powered by Tensorflow.js – the open-source framework for machine learning with JavaScript. As part of the game, players will be shown an emoji – like a shoe or a clock, say for instance – and they will be required to find its real world version within a specified amount of time.

“While you search, the neural network will try and guess what it’s seeing—proof that machine learning can be used for more than serious applications”

It’s worth noting that you need a device with a camera, and obviously, it works best with mobile devices. However, it is a browser-based game and platform agnostic, which means you can play it on other phones, iPhones, and even Macs or PCs. In case you are interested, you can hit this link to start the emoji hunt.

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