Google Infuses Chrome Desktop App With Gemini Nano for Smarter Browsing

Chrome to get Gemini Nano integrated into it
In Short
  • Google is working towards integrating Gemini Nano to the Chrome desktop client.
  • The model arrives to the web browser's desktop app, starting with an upcoming Chrome 126 version.
  • This will allow users to make use of the 'Help Me Write' feature, which will run on-device.

There’s no denying that the highlight of Google’s I/O 2024 Developer Conference was AI. From AI Search Overviews and Gemini 1.5 Flash to Imagen 3, a bunch of different things were unveiled at the event. However, one thing that may go unnoticed by many is that the Chrome Desktop client will soon get Gemini Nano built right into it.

Jon Dahlke, Director of Product Management for Google Chrome, unveiled this piece of information at the event. The integration will land in an upcoming Google Chrome 126 version. For those unaware, Gemini Nano has been out since the launch of the Pixel 8 series of devices, with the Pixel 8 Pro getting complimentary access to it.

Later on, not just the vanilla Pixel 8, but even the Samsung Galaxy S24 series of phones received Gemini Nano. Gemini Nano is just a lighter LLM model capable of executing on-device tasks.

Now, with it arriving in Chrome’s Desktop app, a lot of AI doors will be opened to its users. This will enhance Chrome’s web-based AI capabilities. Most importantly, it will be what Copilot is to Microsoft Edge. The biggest leverage it will have is to run tasks on-device, instead of having to rely on external servers.

Dahlke states:

“We have started to engage with other browsers and will be opening up an early preview program for developers. With webGPU, WASM, and Gemini built into Chrome, we believe the web IS AI-ready.”

In addition to that, Google is also integrating Gemini AI into Gmail, making sorting emails and extracting specific data from them easier. Not just that, earlier this year at MWC 24, Google Messages also received Gemini AI integration. Given how Google is spreading its AI wings gradually into each and every of its products and services, this did not come as a surprise.

It all boils down to whether or not you will appreciate this AI-volution that Google is desperately trying to bring. If you ask me, I’d like to see some more evidence backing these announcements. Adding AI before and after anything and everything doesn’t do it for me.

What about you though? Are you looking forward to the Gemini Nano integration in Chrome? Let me know in the comments down below.

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