You Can Now Ask Google Assistant to Play Personal YouTube Music Playlists

YouTube Music in Google maps feat.

Back in August earlier this year, Google started testing the possibility of letting users play their personal playlists from YouTube Music via Google Assistant in the United States. As per multiple user reports, the company is now rolling out the feature globally.

For the uninitiated, personal playlists refer to the playlists that users create as per their music preference. While it is a basic feature that you would assume to work by default on any music streaming service, YouTube Music didn’t support it through Assistant so far. Although delayed, it is good to see the feature making its way to YouTube Music now.

To test if this feature is available for you, you can try saying “Hey Google, play <insert your playlist name here> playlist”. You can even skip the word ‘playlist’ and don’t have to add YouTube Music. Just say “Hey Google, play <insert your playlist name here>”. If there exists a playlist with that name in your library, then the Assistant will be playing the same via YouTube Music.

Interestingly, Google Assistant prioritizes the exact match of the playlist name over the song’s name. For example, I used the command ‘Hey Google, play Believer’ and it played Believer – Imagine Dragons on YouTube Music. After that happened, I renamed one of my playlists to ‘Believer’ and repeated the command, which in turn played the playlist named Believer. This is something you should keep in mind if you have named your playlist after a popular song.

Several Youtube Music users on Reddit across Canada, the UK, Brazil, Austria, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands report the availability of the feature. Based on my testing, I can confirm that it is available in India too. Let us know if it is available for you in the comments below.

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  • Doesn’t work. Google Assistant ignore my request and either plays nothing, or some other curated playlist on youtube music that is not mine.

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