Google Assistant Has a New “Do Nothing” Mode That Actually Does Nothing

Google Assistant Has a New "Do Nothing" Mode That Actually Does Nothing but "Chill"

Voice assistants, as we know, help us in our day-to-day digital activities like telling us the weather, performing searches, or dialing up a contact. However, Google Assistant’s new “Do Nothing” mode does exactly the opposite of these things. It deliberately does nothing but chill.

The Do Nothing mode in Google Assistant is a part of a special campaign launched in collaboration with Cadbury’s 5 Star chocolate. It is a popular chocolate bar sold here in India and other global markets. And the said mode is only available in the regions where the chocolate is sold. So, if you live somewhere in the UK or US, you might not find the “Do Nothing” mode.

Now, having said that, if you do live in an area where they sell the chocolate, then you can activate Google Assistant’s Do Nothing mode on your iOS or Android device. You simply tell the Google Assistant to “Eat a 5 Star” and it will activate the mode right away.

You can check out the official promo video of the feature right below.

Do Nothing and Chill with Your Google Assistant

So, after it activates, Google Assistant becomes somewhat of a dumb sarcasm-queen. Whether you ask her for a recipe or the current temperature, she will give a quirky response and advice you to do nothing and chill at home. This is actually the theme of the 5 Star brand as Cadbury advertises the product as something that will make you forget about everything else in the world (Google “Ramesh & Suresh 5 Star”).

As a result, when in this mode, if you ask Google Assistant to, say, look for a shopping mall or your nearest salon, it humors you with a sassy and sarcastic response like, “You’re in luck. Bushy eyebrows, hairy armpits, and no make-up selfies are in fashion. Can we chill now?”

It is pretty entertaining to play with the feature. You can ask the assistant all kinds of questions to receive various kinds of responses.

Now, although some of the responses are pretty clever and innovative, some generic ones often become repetitive if you ask the same kind of questions. Moreover, for some questions, the assistant just cannot come up with a relevant response other than a boring “hmm”.

However, playing with the “Do Nothing” mode on Google Assistant by using common commands is not at all boring. Google’s personal digital assistant has been one of the most reliable one in today’s world. So, I am sure that using this new mode will bring a smile to your face during these hard times.

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