Google Assistant Now Tracks Wellness Data from Third-Party Services, Starting with Fitbit

Google Assistant Now Tracks Wellness Data from Third-Party Services, Starting with Fitbit
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Google Assistant has received a new wellness section to manage your sleep, exercise, and nutrition data. The feature currently works for sleep and supports Fitbit’s wearables. With this feature, you can ask, “How did I sleep last night?” or “Show my sleep summary” to know the specifics. In fact, this will be convenient to stay informed without having to dive deep into Google Fit or your fitness band’s dedicated app.

Fitbit users will have to switch on personal results to ask Google Assistant about their sleep. To switch on personal results, head to Assistant Settings -> Devices -> Your watch -> Settings. Under the Personalization section, you will see the option to turn personal results on or off.

If you have a Fitbit fitness tracker, you can set up the feature from Assistant Settings. Within Assistant Settings, you will see the new ‘Wellness’ section that urges you to connect a service to display information and answer questions about your sleep on Assistant devices.

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Image: Android Police

Google says that Fitbit sleep data is temporarily stored to give you information about your sleep, health, and fitness. To address privacy concerns, the company reassures that your Fitbit sleep data is not used for Google ads and the audio recordings are not stored. However, Google mentions that limited text from your question and some Assistant usage information is kept to improve Assistant services.

As mentioned earlier, Fitbit is the only connected service that supports this feature at this moment. Since Google’s $2.1 billion Fitbit acquisition is still awaiting regulatory approval, we’ll have to wait to see if the feature will remain exclusive to Fitbit trackers. In an ideal scenario, we could expect Google to eventually add more services.

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