Google’s Area 120 Launches Shoploop, a Video Shopping Platform

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Google’s experimental division – Area 120 is back with a new project. This time, it is an online shopping platform named Shoploop featuring fashion influencers, with a focus on videos.

Shoploop has a collection of videos of influencers endorsing products across categories such as Makeup, Skincare, Hair, and Nail. One could say Shoploop is the result of grouping influencers from niche topics to help customers make better purchase decisions.

“Video’s unique form of rich content that combines visuals, sound and movement, allows users to see how a product looks and feels in real life without having to go to a physical store,” reads Shoploop’s page.

According to Shoploop’s website, the company sources the videos on its platform from influencers, publishers, brands, online boutique stores, and experts in a certain topic. Creators may receive a small affiliate commission for purchases made through their videos.

Image: Shoploop
Image: Shoploop

If you’re a creator who’s interested to get involved in Shoploop, you may sign up to become an exclusive Shoploop creator by filling the form here. In addition, brands, merchants, and boutique online stores can sign up using the same link to create their channel on Shoploop.

As TechCrunch points out, this is not the first time a video shopping platform has ever existed. Tech giants such as Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and even Google’s YouTube have similar implementations in place.

Right now, Shoploop doesn’t support the ability to search for your favorite products. However, the company says it will add Search and Explore capabilities to let users discover products by name, category, and brand.

Shoploop has plans to expand to more categories such as clothing & shoes, jewellery & accessories, home & garden, arts & crafts, and electronics. The platform may also get daily interactive live streams with creators and brands for product promotions.

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