Genshin Impact: Rainbow Rose Locations & Farming Routes

Genshin Impact 4.0 is finally here with a new region called Fontaine, the Nation of Hydro and Justice, and with it are new characters, bosses, and, of course, new talent and ascension materials to level up Fontaine characters. One of the important resources is called Rainbow Roses and it’s used to level up recent Fontaine characters such as Lyney. In this guide, let’s look at all the Rainbow Roses locations in Genshin Impact. There are a total of 73 Rainbow Roses in Genshin Impact. Here are all the locations where they’re located.

1. Near Court of Fontaine

One of the prime locations of Rainbow Roses in Genshin Impact is above the Court of Fontaine where you can collect a whopping 25 Rainbow Roses out of the 73. To collect them, you can take the two Teleport waypoints to the North of Fontaine Court and follow the routes mentioned below efficiently. You need to move north from the first waypoint and travel west from the second, north-most waypoint.

Court of Fontaine Flowers

The other set of flowers can be collected by teleporting to the waypoint in water just outside the Fontaine court as shown in the image above. You’ll need to swim all the way to the court but that’s the only route to collect 7 Rainbow Roses.

2. Near Marcotte Station and Fountaine of Lucine

Marcotte Station and Fountaine of Lucine are the two locations on the east side of Fontaine and are rich in Rainbow Roses. You’ll find a total of 14 flowers from these locations. First head to Marcotte Station using the only teleport waypoint there and follow the marked trajectory. Then teleport to the south to the Fountaine of Lucine to its only waypoint and collect the remaining flowers from there.

Fontaine Marcotte Station and Fountaine of Lucine

3. West Slopes of Mont Automnequi

Once done collecting near the Fountaine of Lucine, drag the map to move south from there and teleport to the only waypoint in West Slopes of Mont Automnequi. Once you reach there, move further south, and descend the mountain to collect 5 Rainbow Roses.

West slipes of Mont Automnequi

4. South-West of West Slopes of Mont Automnequi

From the West Slopes of Mont Automnequi, drag the map to the south-west location near a waypoint and teleport to the same. Travel to an island to the south of the waypoint and you’ll find four Rainbow Roses to collect. The most efficient route for the same is in the image below. Similarly, there’s another waypoint if you move a little bit to the west side. Use it to teleport and walk 40-100 meters east from there to collect seven Rainbow Roses.

Island of Rainbow Flowers

5. Elynas

You’ll find more Rainbow Roses in the south-east region of Elynas. All you need to do is teleport to the Statue of the Seven and travel to the west to grab 5 Rainbow Roses and teleport back again to the statue and move south to grab 6 flowers. Here’s the most efficient route to collect Rainbow Roses in Elynas.

Rainbow Flowers in Elynas
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