Samsung Galaxy Fold Might Launch September 6 in South Korea

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After all the trials and tribulations over the past few months, the Samsung Galaxy Fold seems all set for a commercial launch next month. The company had earlier revealed that it is planning to launch the device in September, but a new report out of South Korea now suggests that it might happen as early as next week. According to industry sources quoted by the Yonhap new agency, the device may launch in the country on September 6.

The report further states that Samsung had initially targeted a late-September launch, but has since decided to bring it forward by a couple of weeks. Interestingly, September 6 is also when the IFA 2019 kicks off in Berlin, so it will be interesting to see the device will be officially launched at that event, or if the company will do it separately.

As for the rest of the world, Samsung is reportedly planning to launch the device globally later in September, although the exact dates remain a mystery as of now. Interestingly, Samsung has also seemingly confirmed that the device will be launched in India soon, so we’ll hopefully get to know more about that in the coming days.

Unveiled alongside the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus last February, the Galaxy Fold was originally hailed by many as the future of smartphones before reports of serious malfunction started pouring in from journalists with access to official review units. With the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco still fresh in everyone’s minds, the company postponed the launch of the new phone, saying it will be launched only after all the issues are sorted out.

SOURCE Yonhap (Korean)
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