Top 10 Best File Manager Apps For Android

We love Android for the flexibility it offers and the control it gives to the users. The flexibility and the open nature of Android comes to good use when it comes to some of the features like the File Manager. While iOS does not give the user control over the files, Windows Phone has a pretty basic File Manager and this is where Android has an advantage.

File Managers are basic apps that we have come to expect from smartphones since the time of Nokia-Symbian days but surprisingly, there’s no File Manager app in stock Android and while manufacturers who have their own Android skin provide File Manager apps, they are very basic. Thankfully, there are a plethora of File Manager apps with advanced features on the Google Play Store.

Here’s our list of the top 10 File Manager apps on Android

1. File Manager (Explorer)

File Manager (Explorer)

The File Manager (Explorer) app is one of the most popular file manager app on the Play Store thanks to its fresh design and lovely interface. What it might lack on the features front, it makes up with the interface. The developers have recently updated the app to match it with Google’s latest Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system.

The app includes different iconography for different file types, which makes searching for a specific file type pretty easy. It offers all the features you need like cut, copy and paste. There’s compression and decompression support, searching and sharing files, ability to create shortcuts for a file on the home screen and a lot more. The good news is that the app is available on the Play Store for free.

Developer: Cheetah Mobile

Availability: Google Play Store (Free)

2. ES File Explorer File Manager

The ES File Explorer is one of the most feature rich file manager apps you’ll get on the Google Play Store. Along with the basic features we’ve come to expect from a File Manager, we get a lot of advanced features from ES File Explorer.

The feature list includes ability to manage apps, remote file managing, built in ZIP and RAR support, inbuilt players and viewers for various file types, ability to access your PC via WiFi with SMB. You can also use the ES File Explorer as a FTP and WebDAV client. The app also features support for various cloud storage services like OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.. If you need a full fledged File Manager, ES File Explorer is the one for you. The app is available for free on the Google Play Store.

Developer: ES App Group

Availability: Google Play Store (Free)

3. ASTRO File Manager with Cloud

If you want a file manager, which brings a combined management of your local storage as well as cloud storage then ASTRO is the app for you. The ASTRO File Manager brings you the best of both worlds. This app lets you manage your local storage and cloud storage on the go.

The ASTRO File Manager has a cool search feature, which lets you do broad searches for any content types and file types. ASTRO also has a unique Cloud Hopping feature, which lets you quickly move files from one cloud storage or another. The app also features some unique gestures, which make it easier to navigate around.

Developer: Metago

Availability: Google Play Store (Free)

4. FX File Explorer

The FX File Explorer features a beautiful interface along with some pretty handy features. The app has been recently updated to match the Material Design of Android 5.0 Lollipop, so if you happen to have a device running Lollipop, FX File Explorer should fit right in.

The FX File Explorer features a productivity oriented layout on the home-screen and there’s a dual-pane view with unlimited windows. The app also features a cool pinch to zoom feature, which lets you pinch on a file or folder to see more details. Most of the important features are present in the app but for the cloud storage manager and other premium features for which you’ll have to buy the ‘Plus’ version.

Developer: NextApp Inc

Availability: Google Play Store (Free)

5. X-plore File Manager

What makes the X-plore File Manager unique is the dual-pane tree view, which lets the users open two folders in different panes at the same time making it much easier to move files from one folder to another by just a drag.

The X-plore File Manager also has other bases covered like the Disc mapping feature, cloud management, SSH file transfer and SSD shell, app manager, WiFi file sharing, hex viewer and a lot more. The app is free on the Google Play Store.

Developer: Lonely Cat Games

Availability: Google Play Store (Free)

6. Total Commander – file manager

The Total Commander file manager has a wealth of features, so if you are a power user looking for a powerful file managing app, Total Commander should do pretty well.

While there are lot of features, some notable features of the Total Commander are drag and drop to move files, search functions, ability to change permissions of a file, FTP and SFTP client, two panel mode, WebDAV, LAN access, directory history and more. There’s also some optimizations for the visually impaired, so the developers win some brownie points for that too.

Developer: C. Ghistler

Availability: Google Play Store (Free)

7. File Commander – File Manager

File Commander-File Manager app is a good balance between features and interface. The interface is clean and likeable and there are a lot of features as well. File Commander has a focus on remote sharing and accessing of files along with all the basic file manager features.

The latest update to the app brings some very powerful network connectivity features like FTP and FTPS support, improved performance with cloud services and more. You’ll have to make in-app purchases to get the premium features like bookmarks, recycle bin, ability to hide files and no ads of course.

Developer: Mobile Systems

Availability: Google Play Store (Free)

8. AntTek Explorer Ex

AntTek Explorer Ex is one of the better file manager apps if you consider speed. The app is very fluid and efficient to use. The interface is simple yet beautiful and there are various features.

The AntTek Explorer Ex features a multi-panel interface and the ability to drag and drop files. There are some intuitive features like contextual toolbar for drag and drop, collapsible panels, unlimited free themes. There’s also cloud storage management, ability to browse files on a network, file viewers and inbuilt music player with equalizer. So, if you want a customisable file manager, AntTek Explorer Ex should be a good choice and it’s free on the Play Store.

Developer: AntTek

Availability: Google Play Store (Free)

9. File Wrangler

Chances are you might not have heard of File Wrangler but it’s certainly a great File Manager app, which deserves a lot more popularity. The interface is simple and clean and gets the job done, that too pretty well.

The app features some interesting UI features like the dual panes for file browsing, Quick-draw for bookmarking, drag and drop files anywhere, different optimized layouts for phones and tablets. The best thing is that the app is free and ad-free and the good news is that the developers are on a massive update.

Developer: Amon Creations

Availability: Google Play Store (Free)

10. PowerGrasp file manager

The PowerGrasp file manager is a sleek and stable file manager app. The app features a very straightforward and streamlined interface along with a number of great features. The app is also a great archiver with support for ZIP, RAR, 7z, tar and tar.gz.

Along with the basic functions of the file manager, there’s ability to open two independent windows, drag and drop support. The app is a great file manager if you want to get the work done in a sleek way. The app is great for those who want a smooth working file manager. The app is free on the Play Store so you should definitely check out.

Developer: MalcolmSoft

Availability: Google Play Store (Free)

So, these are the top 10 file manager apps for Android devices. We are aware that there are many more file manager apps on the Play Store, so we’d love to know your favorite File Manager app. Which File Manager app do you use on your Android device? Sound off in the comments section below.

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