Check Out the First Photo Shot from the Surface Duo Smartphone

Microsoft Surface Duo camera feat.

Back in October last year, Microsoft unveiled the Surface Duo along with its big brother, Surface Neo. Now, we have got the first picture taken with the device that has been shared online.

Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer, Panos Panay, recently posted an image (below) on his Instagram account that included “captured on my Surface Duo” in its caption. This is the first image that we are seeing that is shot with the Duo.


Now, taking a look at the image, at first glance, it looks decent. The colours are a bit muted, most probably because it was taken indoors with not-that-great lighting conditions. However, the general tone of the image looks quite good, in my opinion. Now, it should be noted that as it was posted on Instagram, the image should be a compressed version of the actual one. So, it is hard to say about the actual quality of the picture.

The Microsoft Duo has a 48MP camera on the front, which also acts as a back camera. This is because, just like the Surface Neo, the Duo comes with a 360-degree hinge that puts the camera on the back when it is folded backwards.

So, looking at the first image taken by the device, it is known that the Surface Duo has a decent camera. However, the image is still uncomparable with the images that the latest flagship devices capture. Although Microsoft is planning to launch the device earlier than expected, still, it will face tough competition in the market.

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